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New Tech

A Sci-Fi short-film following the fight of the environmental rebel Aleka through the segregated future of 2042.


  • About

    Augmented is a VFX and CG research project. 


    The knowledge gained from this project is used to improve the various educational branches at The Animation Workshop. It also serves to continuously test and evaluate technologies that might be adopted into the existing curriculum in the future.


    Augmented is the story of Aleka, an environmental rebel, who lives in a segregated society controlled by Mega Corporations like Newland Genetics. Newland has ensured that those who have not undergone their “augmentation” services are now considered leftovers from an unevolved past. Disgusted with the growing injustice towards her family and other naturals, Aleka decides to take action. With the growing efforts to spread her revolution, she discovers that although she embodies everything that Newland hates, she is of unique value to them.

    Key people

    Writer, Director, and VFX Supervisor: Björn Gromoll

    Co-writer: Jericca Cleland

    Co-director: David S. Sanchez

  • Contact

    Björn Gromoll

    Björn Gromoll

    Visual Effects TD / Supervisor / Indie Filmmaker

    Ender's Game (2013), Sherlock Holmes 2 (2011), Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)