Attracting creative minds from around the world

Attracting creative minds from across the world

The Animation Workshop/VIA University College (TAW) enjoys a strong and wide reputation due to the top educations we provide for the international film industry, yet we are much more than a school. 

The Animation Workshop/VIA University College (TAW) is located in Viborg, Denmark. It is a part of VIA University College’s School of Business, Technology and Creative Industries and has expertise in the areas of education, culture, communication and business development. To this effect, it benefits from a strong international network of artists, professionals, companies, funding institutions and partner schools.

About The Animation Workshop/VIA University College

  • Facts

    The short-short version of everything you need to know about us.

    Founded in 1988 by Morten Thorning

    11,000 square metres of buildings dispersed around an old military complex in the heart of Viborg, Denmark

    Around 650 students, staff and professionals who inspire, create and contribute to develop each other and the institution

    External teaching faculty counting more than 100 talented professionals from all over the world

    Seven departments:

    • The Bachelor of Arts Department
    • Open Workshop - Artist Residency
    • Professional Training
    • Visual Talent Center
    • Research and Development
    • Business Development
    • Animated Learning Lab

    The happiest and most satisfied students to be found in Denmark (article in Danish)

    Our international rankings are pretty neat too

    A creative business cluster of more than 30 companies, freelancers and start-ups in the animation, new media and games industry

    Home to the biggest animation festival in Denmark

  • A brief story of the evolution of TAW

    The Animation Workshop has been the home of aspiring creators, makers and artists since 1988. 

    The Animation Workshop was founded in 1988 by Morten Thorning, who held the reigns until 2019. Here aspiring animators came together to make short clips for TV and for the hell of it.

    In 1993 the EU Media program made TAW a "Specialized European Animation Training Centre". This was also the year that brought about KIKA - a one year course in animation. 

    The Drawing Academy was founded in 1997, teaching students the craft of classical drawing through weekend, summer and semester courses.

    One year later, in 1998, the "Centre for Animation and Education" was formed, focusing on integrating animation-based pedagogics in the educational system. Later the name changed, and today we know them as Animated Learning Lab.

    In the year of 2000 we added Professional Training courses to our division and one year later Open Workshop opened up to its first artists in residence.

    2003 saw the light of our first bachelor program in Character Animation. The Animation Workshop was now a nationalized educational institution, and four years later we added Computer Graphic Arts as a specialized line of study within the Bachelor in Animation program.

    The newest add-on is the four year Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling. It opened up in 2013, and we've just sent off our first class of graduates in the summer of 2017.

  • Mission

    Our main ingredient is people with talent and great ideas and our mission is to help them grow, develop and inspire each other.

    TAW will conduct high-tech animation and drawing-related education, teaching, talent development, research, business- and project development that strengthens Danish business, arts and culture throughout Denmark from its base in Viborg. This must be done in the best possible cooperation with stakeholders and partners.

    The objectives of the educational activities of TAW is to provide facilities and resources for projects, talents and artists to grow; to establish and maintain structures for higher education and professional training that secures the best learning and talent development; and to generate cultural understanding, both nationally and internationally, through the animation and comic book industries. 

  • Politics and guidelines

    The Animation Workshop is home to creatives, talent, and professionals coming from all other the world, which has created a diverse and colorful environment

    At The Animation Workshop (TAW) we are a community of diverse people, all with different roles, nationalities, and ages. We work and learn together in a close setting very much centered around something we are passionate about. This requires a common understanding of how we act and behave to maintain an inspiring, emotional and intellectually enriching, and safe learning environment for all.

    You can read more about The Animation Workshop, VIA University College's politics, and guidelines on VIA's website.

  • Rankings and festivals

    TAW has built an excellent and wide-reaching reputation as an institution of higher education in areas associated to visual storytelling.

    In 2021, The Animation Workshop was honored with the rank of 11th best among the Top 3D Animation School and Colleges in the World by THE ROOKIES.
    The same year, THE ROOKIES also ranked The Animation Workshop as 4th best among Top Schools and Colleges in 2021 for Production Excellence within 2D Animation.
    The Animation Workshop was also honored with the rank of 4th best among the Top 25 International Animation Schools providing a formal degree in animation by Animation Career Review.
    In 2015, The Animation Workshop was also featured among the Top 20 Schools to Hire From as elected by the Animation Magazine. 

    International festivals and events

    Every year, TAW is represented at many animation festivals around the world. Both the animated short films made by the graduating bachelors and the works made by artists connected to Open Workshop receive a lot of attention around the world. TAW have managed to be accepted to the prestigious Cannes Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Venice Biennale, The Annecy Animation Festival, ITF Stuttgart, the SIGGRAPH festivals, KLIK! in Amsterdam, Anima Mundi, Hamburg Animation Festival, Animafest Cyprus,  and many more.


What's going on?

Bacchus by Rikke Planeta from The Animation Workshop 2018

Bachelor films 2018

The films are online - watch them now

Solar Walk won the Audi Short Film Award 2018 at the Berlinale

Solar Walk awarded at the Berlinale

Solar Walk wins the Audi Short Film Award at this year's Berlinale