Student life

As a student with us you should be prepared for an exciting and intensive study programme in an international and creative community. 

Life in and outside school

Daily schedule

Normally, you will have lectures in the morning and individual work with teacher feedback and guidance in the afternoons. You will get your own workspace equipped with everything necessary to complete any assignment and you will have access to the school 24-7 to work on your projects.

Extracurricular activities

At TAW, you will find a number of extracurricular activities such as: Live drawing, TAW talks, parties, film screenings, yoga, film nights and improv nights. We also have a yoga/relaxing room and a student lounge (Høgni) available for class dinners, lunch breaks or Friday bars.
  • Teaching and learning

    Our teaching style focuses on students being responsible for their own education. We give our students a great deal of individual responsibility, and they are expected to participate in the classroom.

    Theory and practice go hand in hand

    We combine theory and practice relating to the industries and trades for which we train our graduates. Our bachelor programmes include lectures with theory, that you will apply on practical assignments and projects, as well as a longer internship period. As a student, the ability to combine theory with practice will give you the basis for new knowledge and insight, as well as a solid basis for your professional career.

    Dialogue-based communication

    Our teaching style focuses on students being responsible for their own education. We emphasise contact between teachers and students, and we expect students to actively participate in lectures by asking relevant questions and by challenging themselves, the other students and the teacher. We encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge for the benefit of everyone in the TAW learning community.

    Learning methods

    Students play an active role in the learning process and take responsibility for planning and carrying out projects, either independently or in groups. Our students also learn how to work in multicultural teams, with teachers assigned as supervisors to guide them through the learning process. Project-based learning is part of our educational culture. Students are responsible for their projects under the supervision of teachers who make sure the student is always on track. Our culture puts a great deal of individual responsibility in the hands of students during projects. We also expect that each student will be able to work closely with other students.

  • Student House is a great place to meet up with students from other educational institutions in Viborg.

    Student House is a meeting place for all students enrolled in higher education in Viborg. It is a great place to meet new people and relax, play music, be creative and party.

    The house includes a common area with a bar, stage, pool table, football table and cozy places to study, read and relax. There are also fully equipped music studios to practice alone or with your band.

    The Student House organises a Friday bar once a month, as well as other social and cultural events throughout the year. The Student House is a STUDENT’S house, a social mecca and your living room away from home. It is run for and by students, so you are welcome to get involved!


Production equipment

TAW provides production equipment (both soft- and hardware) of the highest quality for different types of productions (2D, 3D and stop motion) within pre-production, production and post-production.
Books at the library


Our small library is open to all students and staff. Here, you will find a wide selection of animated and live-action shorts and features. The DVD library contains around 600 DVDs, with more than 2000 titles. There is also a book section, with books on filmmaking, animation theory and practice, art and design, as well as instruction books on essential software, and comics. The library is located on the 1st floor in building 105.

Sound studio

You will find a fully equipped sound studio for recording of voice acting, sound and music related to the in-house productions. In connection with the sound studio, there is a rehearsal room, which provides the perfect creative environment for students, employees and other working musicians connected to the school.

Upcoming events