Are you one of our external examiners?

Are you going to be an external examiner in the bachelor programmes at The Animation Workshop? Below you will find the information you need as an external examiner. Please contact us if you have any further questions. You will find a link to relevant websites and contact details at the bottom of the site.

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Information for external examiners

  • External examiners are an essential part of the quality assurance of all Danish education. The main function of an external examiner is to ensure a fair and correct procedure and assessment of the student's performance at exams.

    We would like our external examiners to represent both the industry and related higher education degree programmes.

    As an external examiner, you must have:

    • In-depth and current knowledge of the theoretical and methodical aspects of the subject area as well as the relevant course
    • specific competence in one or more areas that are part of the course programme and
    • current knowledge about the application potential of the course programme, including knowledge about the situation and needs of the employer.

    External examiners should not be currently employed or have been employed at VIA University College within the past two years, including The Animation Workshop or any other educational institution within VIA University College. This requirement also applies to guest teachers.

    If you are appointed as an external examiner and subsequently become employed at VIA University College, it is mandatory to notify us so we can withdraw you from the body of external examiners.

  • The external examiner:

    • is well-prepared when taking part in exams
    • ensures that students receive equal and fair treatment and that their performance is assessed reliably and in accordance with the grading rules and other rules
    • ensures that exams are carried out in accordance with current exam guidelines
    • ensures that exams are in accordance with the academic objectives laid down in ministerial orders and the curriculum
    • prepares an external examiner’s report for each exam about the conduct of the exam to the educational institution and the chair of external examiners
    • submits a statement on the exam if a complaint is filed about the assessment of an exam
    • files a report to the educational institution with a copy to the chair of external examiners in the event of serious defects or problems related to how a course programme is run by an educational institution
    • makes the educational institution aware if he or she is disqualified to act as an external examiner due to his or her relation to the student or the lecturer.
    • takes notes about the students’ performance for the purpose of assessment. The notes are for personal use and for use in connection with complaints, if any. The external examiner must keep the notes for one year. 


  • Bachelor in Animation

    Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling

    Additional necessary information

  • Written work should be accessed in the digital exam and assessment platform WISEflow, and the assessment of the work handed in must be submitted in WISEflow.

    You access WISEflow at and log in with your MitID. E-mail access will be set up for external examiners from outside Denmark.

    Submission of assessment: Read more on WISEflow

    Use of assessment tool: Read more on WISEflow

  • Right of access to assessor’s notes

    As an assessor, you must be aware that students can obtain access to the notes taken during an oral exam as well as notes taken in connection with the assessment of written work.

    The notes must be kept for at least one year and until a complaint’s case has been concluded (if any). Consequently, it is important to keep your notes in this period. The notes must be stored in a secure place as they include personal information.

    If VIA University College receives a request for access, you must hand out the notes to VIA University College within 3 days. In certain cases, it is expected that the notes will be handed out to the student. Therefore, VIA University College recommends that the exam notes are prepared with this in mind.

    There are no requirements as to the form of the assessor’s notes, but others must be able to read them.


    If VIA University College receives a complaint about an exam, the complaint must be presented to the assessors immediately. The assessors must make a statement on the academic matters of the complaint. Normally, they must submit their statement within a period of two weeks.


    VIA University College recommends that assessors use the assessment tool Anotate in WISEflow to store their notes. In WISEflow, notes are stored in a secure system and can be made available if a request is received for access to the assessor’s notes.

  • Secretariat for External Examiners at the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Animation and the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Graphic Storytelling

    The Animation Workshop, VIA University College

    Kasernevej 5

    DK-8800 Viborg

    T: +45 87 55 49 00


    CVR: 30773077

    EAN: 5798000556287

    Att. Bente Alsbjerg

    Chair of external examiners, Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Animation:

    April 2023 - March 2027

    • Sofie Kampmark

    Chair of external examiners, Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Graphic Storytelling:

    April 2023 – March 2026

    • Line Høj Høstrup