New Head of Studies for Bachelor in Animation, Lotte Kronborg Thomsen

Press release: Lotte Kronborg Thomsen is the new Head of Studies for  Bachelor in Animation at The Animation Workshop / VIA University College. She will start her new job on 1 December and comes directly from London, where she has lived and worked since 2014.

New Head of Animation Lotte Kronborg Thomsen

A significant profile at the forefront of the animation education at The Animation Workshop

Lotte Kronborg Thomsen, experienced executive producer, will be the new head of studies for Bachelor in Animation at The Animation Workshop: VIA University College. She is a leader with massive international experience within the animation industry, who from 1 December, will bring her years of experience to the role awaiting her.

She has been based in London, where Lotte held the position as Executive Producer for M2 Entertainment from 2014 through 2019, while over the course of the past year she worked as an independent consultant.

“Lotte Kronborg Thomsen has been a driving force in both the Danish and the international film and animation industry for 20 years. She has a fantastic CV, profiling both international experience and vision with a human touch and holistic approach to problem solving, which aligns beautifully with the set values here at TAW,” says Kasper Kruse, Head of The Animation Workshop.

Kasper believes it to be a great success to secure a profile like Lotte Kronborg Thomsen for TAW.

“We are entering an incredibly exciting and important phase in the development of TAW, and Lotte brings many competencies to support this work. We could not have hired a better candidate for the position. I am so looking forward to the collaboration,” he says.

A shortcut into the industry

On her resume, the new head of studies has plenty of experience in both production and management, and she looks forward to leading the way in educating future generations of animators and CG artists.

“The exciting thing about our industry is that we stand on solid animation and design principles, but at the same time are always evolving. TAW is known for being a world leader and for constantly adapting the educations in collaboration with the industry, and I am so much looking forward to building on that. Not least, I look forward to getting to know the students and my future colleagues,” she says.

When Lotte Kronborg Thomsen was young, everyone thought she dreamed of saving the world. Instead, it was the dream of becoming an animation director that filled her head. Her drawing talent, however, was not as well-formed as her ambition, so instead she attained an M.Sc. in Danish and Multimedia from Aalborg University. This became her shortcut to work with animation - first as a producer at Frontier Media in Aarhus and from 2006 at M2 Film, where over the years she has had most of the world as her workplace.

Lotte Kronborg Thomsen is 47 years old, married and relocating back to Denmark. She sails and skis, and always has three books going at once: a non-fiction book, a novel, and a collection of poems. When she needs to reset her brain, she plays the piano or designs furniture and houses, which will likely never reach beyond the desk drawer. She is, not surprisingly, a big consumer of movies and TV.

The new head of studies will have her first working day on 1 December from aboard and will start after Christmas in Viborg full time, as she is in the process of moving from London to Denmark.

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