Kasper Kruse becomes Head of The Animation Workshop

Kasper Kruse becomes Head of The Animation Workshop

Press release: 1 May, 2020

From 1 June, the head of The Animation Workshop in Viborg (TAW) is Kasper Kruse. In addition to many years of experience in the animation industry, he has thorough knowledge of both TAW and Viborg and comes from a position as head of the creative industry cluster for the visual industry, Arsenalet in Viborg.

VIA University College, which TAW is a part of, has hired Kasper Kruse as head of The Animation Work-shop, which has just been voted the 7th best animation school in the world and number 6 in Europe.

Kasper Kruse comes from a position as head of Arsenalet, which is a commercial foundation and a greenhouse for both start-ups and well-established companies in the creative digital visual industry. Before that, he was, among other things, project manager for Viborg Municipality's animation strategy, which manifests itself in an annual animation festival. Kasper Kruse, who originally trained as an animation director from the Danish Film School, also has a long-standing background as an entrepreneur and independent and has worked in both creative and leadership positions. 

Professional and personal competence

“Kasper Kruse is a man of great capacity in the animation and visual industry, and we are very pleased that he will now be in charge of The Animation Workshop. Here Kasper will be able to consolidate and further develop the unique position TAW holds as an educational institution and as a creative driver in the development of the Danish animation, comic book and gaming industry," says René Foli, who as Dean of Education for VIA's storytelling, design and business faculties has been at the forefront of the hiring process. He continues: “Kasper Kruse is a strong networker and a gifted bridge builder with a confident and inviting approach to his surroundings. He is a man who sees opportunities and knows how to turn them into sustainable, productive activities. I am quite confident that he will lead The Animation Workshop to everyone’s full satisfaction.”

At the forefront of a new structure

TAW has recently undergone a major restructuring, and Kasper Kruse, as general manager, heads a newly established management team and also becomes a member of the Management Board, which has overall strategic and financial responsibility for TAW and ensures consistency with VIA's general organisation and educational programmes. He also becomes the central link between TAW and a large number of external players and partnerships in many different activities nationally and internationally.

TAW is very important

"It is a great responsibility and a great challenge, but at the same time a great pleasure for me to have been given this opportunity," says Kasper Kruse about the position as head of The Animation Workshop and explains further: “TAW helped launch my own career in animation and has always meant a lot to me. Both in relation to specific collaborations, but also more generally because of the role TAW has played in the development of the Danish animation industry and the digital visual industry. I therefore take on the task with humility and a strong motivation and look forward to getting closer to the educational system and getting to know the super talented managers, staff and students at TAW even better. ”

Kasper Kruse assumes the position of Head of The Animation Workshop 1 June. He is 49 years old and resides in Viborg with his wife and two children.

Briefly about The Animation Workshop

As an educational institution and knowledge center, The Animation Workshop has created a strong, international and creative environment for students, artists and entrepreneurs in animation, comics and new media. TAW is organised as a knowledge cluster in VIA University College and is housed in the old barracks buildings in Viborg.

More information

René Foli, Dean of Education, VIA University College, phone 8755 1447, e-mail rfo@via.dk

Kasper Kruse, Head of The Animation Workshop from 1 June, phone 2855 9055. Can be contacted 1 May – best after 2 pm

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