TAW's Centre for Animation, Visualisation and Digital Storytelling 2020

Every year, TAW reports on their activities and results in the Centre for Animation, Visualisation and Digital Storytelling.

Since 2007, The Animation Workshop/VIA University College (TAW) has been organised as a Centre for Animation, Visualisation and Graphic Storytelling (CAV), providing knowledge and competency development for the Danish media industry through activities and development project in the seven departments:

  • The Bachelor of Arts Department
  • Open Workshop - Artist Residency
  • Professional Training
  • Visual Talent Centre
  • Research and Development
  • Animated Learning Lab
  • Business Development

CAV has access to the newest animation related research and development through an extended international network of companies and professionals. As a knowledge center, TAW handles dissemination of relevant information and acts as a link between interested parties and relevant contacts within the animation industry.

Every year, we report on our activities and results. Read the report above (in Danish).

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