Marking one year of Corona lockdown

One year ago in March 2020, the Danish Government called for a lockdown across Denmark to cope with the global pandemic. 

Corona Resilience

Image credits: Center for Animation, Visualisering og Digital Fortælling & Christoph Sarow

Today, 11 March, marks Denmark's official 1-year lockdown-anniversary.

We want to express our deepfelt gratitude and respect to all of TAW's students, teachers, instructors and staff, who relentlessly battled with new environments and rules under Covid-19 along with separation and isolation.

Seven Bachelor Projects finished productions during Corona

The graduates of 2021 managed to release seven amazing projects: 'Slay the Dragon', 'Riot 5', 'Bus Line 35A', 'When the Moon Was Gibbous', 'Pride of Lions', 'Cut It Out' and 'Nomads'.

"I am truly impressed with the graduating class of 2021’s determination to finish these beautiful projects amidst the pandemic – COVID19. It was undoubtedly hard work filled with trials and lessons beyond what many would have dreamed to set out to conquer, yet their resilience prevailed in the end!" said Michelle Nardone, Head of Studies at The Animation Workshop: VIA University College.

Meanwhile, the students graduating by the year 2022 have also been working on their projects during the lockdown.

To both the graduates of 2021 and the incoming projects in 2022: Amazing! Keep on fighting!

Classes, courses, projects done remotely 

Students and professionals at TAW have braved through a whole year of remote learning and production. It has been a challenge for everyone involved, and we bow to everyone's resolution to making the best of their time despite the circumstances.

The past year certainly has not been easy, and through all the obstacles, we see and feel that so many have kept their heads high as well as their studies, productions, and work at full steam at a great pace.

Once again, on behalf of TAW, thank you to all students, teachers, instructors and staff for enduring and inspiring us this past year!

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