Serieskolen med DR Ultra - a national talent development programme in live-action and animated series 

TAW's Open Workshop partners up with Danish film workshops and DR Ultra to deliver an amazing talent development programme in fictional live-action and animated TV series.

DR Ultra and the Danish film workshops join together to scout for the future storytellers of youth- and children series.

Serieskolen med DR Ultra (the Series School with DR Ultra) is a 3-year partnership between DR Ultra and Filmtalent, including the film workshops in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Viborg. The ambition is to find and develop the next generation of talents and creative storytellers of Danish series in youth- and children fiction.

We are proud to announce our participation in the Danish national development programmes, 'Serieskolen med DR Ultra'!

The Animation Workshop's Open Workshop is one of the partnered film workshops who are behind the initiative.

'Serieskolen med DR Ultra' span over two phases:

In the first phase, participants can join introductory, basic and advanced online sessions, open and free for all who wish to engage in series-production for youth and children.

In the second phase, participants sign up for an intensive talent development programme through five weeks of boot camps for 20 selected participants. This phase requires the participant to apply. We also recommend the applicant to have participated in some of the workshops, but this is not a requirement. The boot camps each focus on a specific topic: idea- and concept development, universe and worldbuilding, character development, directing and episodic storytelling, and finally pitch training. By the end of the second phase, the participants can pitch their ideas to DR Ultra and the Danish series-industry.

More facts about 'Serieskolen med DR Ultra':

  • Who can join: The workshops are free for everyone, and there are no requirements. Boot camps requires application. No formal experience with tv or filmmaking is required to join either the workshop or boot camps.
  • How old should I be for the boot camps? We prioritise the age group between 18-30 for the boot camps. But people older than 30 may still apply. 
  • How do I join: Sign up required through Serieskolen med DR Ultra
  • Fees: The talent development programme is free
  • Language and location: The programme will be taught in Denmark and in Danish.
  • Duration of Serieskolen med DR Ultra: Online sessions spanning over 4 weeks followed by an additional 5 weekends of boot camps. 
  • How many can participate in the online sessions: No limit
  • How many can participate in the boot camps: Up to a total of 20 participants who actively applied and participated in the online sessions will be selected for the boot camps 

Want to see more FAQ about Serieskolen med DR Ultra?

Read the press release by Serieskolen med DR Ultra and their partners (in Danish)

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