VFX Residency is now open for applicants!

For artists interested in developing ideas and tools in the VFX realm
The VFX Residency is a 3-6 month residency for developing your ideas, projects and skills for the Danish and global VFX industry.
Call for applications

VFX Residency 2019 is a free program for artists and film technicians who wish to take their skill set to the next level.

Dive into developing your ideas, projects and tools during a 3-6 month residency at The Animation Workshop. The program is open for 2-4 Danish and international CG/VFX artists who are looking for an opportunity to immerse themselves in their own work.

Apply online before 29th of April 2019 with your CV, a project description and a list of expected results.

Read more about the VFX Residency here.