Deadline for Bachelor applications approaches

Admissions for the bachelor educations Computer Graphic Arts and Character Animation at The Animation Workshop
Submit your application for The Animation Workshop Bachelor programs no later than March 15!
Can you feel it?
At TAW there is a special kind of vibe these days...

At TAW there is a special kind of vibe these days, because within the next 11 days next year’s students will have submitted their applications for their dream education at TAW.

Read more about the application process here, and please keep in mind that we strongly advise you to complete your application well ahead of the deadline, as the system tends to be extremely busy in the last hours before deadline.


For applicants without a Danish Nem-ID please remember to e-mail the signature page from to before the deadline!! This is VERY important because without the signature page, we cannot register your application.

If you have any questions regarding the admission, please contact us at

REMEMBER: Application deadline March 15 11.59 am (meaning at lunch time).