Graphic Storytelling Graduation 2021

On June 4th we celebrate the class of Graphic Storytelling 2021, who will graduate and venture forth onto new adventures!
Graduation is upon us! 

On June 4th the sound of celebration will ring, smiles will bloom, and inevitable tears will peek out of their hiding spots!

The class of Graphic Storytelling 2021 are about to get started on new adventures.

While the graduates, their families and friends can celebrate on TAW's campus, we ALSO move the party down town!


From June 4, you can stop by in Viborg at Sct. Mathias Port, where the graduates' art, comics, and stories will be on display.

The exhibition lasts 2 weeks until June 19, so you will have plenty of time to stop by Sct. Mathias Port to get a look at some of the extremely talented artists work before they step towards their next stages in their careers.


Want to read some awesome comics?

Check out, where you can check out previous years' graduation projects, and this year's projects!