Conclusion on TAW's Material Fee case

In the end of September, The Animation Workshop, VIA University College received the verdict form the ministry regarding the materials fee case.

VIA's management has now reviewed the decision from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and The Animation Workshop, VIA University College recognizes the Ministry's criticism and will proceed as indicated by the Ministry.

This means that TAW will:

  • suspend with immediate effect the existing materials fees on the three Bachelor programs
  • will reimburse the material fee that students at TAW have paid over the past three years


Are you a current or previous student at TAW?

Students with special questions regarding the materials fees you have been paid, you can contact The Animation Workshop, VIA University College at:


Statements on the case regarding the materials fees:

"The quality of education, courses and activities will persist. TAW will continue to deliver bachelor educations of the highest degree and TAW will do so with the help from VIA, the industry and our other stakeholders. TAW has for some time explored possibilities and paths that will make the educations even better and we will continue this work and our overall view upon the future is optimistic," says Kasper Kruse, Head of TAW.

"I'd like to take the chance to say that the Advisory Board collectively agrees, that it is incredibly important that we in the future continue to maintain the very high quality that all of TAW's educations have [...] So, now the materials fees case has reached a conclusion, which we are happy with, and now we can all concentrate on continuing our work on making TAW one of the world's best educations in the field of animation," says Klaus Hansen, Chairman of TAW's Advisory Board.

See the full video on Klaus Hansen's statement below.