TAW campus closed March 13 to May 10

The Animation Workshop campus is closed between March 13 to May 10 in consequence of the contagious COVID-19. Lectures and assignments at TAW will be performed virtually.

March 11 the Danish government announced they're taking precautions against the spreading of COVID-19 (aka the Coronavirus).

These precautions involve schools shutting down their local activities on campus for students and staff.


As of March 13, TAW students will have restricted access to campus. 

If students need access to gather materials or other items, they can be given access for a limited time by calling the phone-number posted on the doors of TAW.

Students will be given more information on lectures and schoolwork through their Coordinators and intranet.


The lockdown lasts until May 10.


More information:

For more info on The Animation Workshop/VIA University College's precautions on COVID-19, read here.


Questions regarding bachelor applications?

Contact: +4587554900 //// taw.bachelor@via.dk

The school is on Easter Holidays between April 6 to April 13. We will not be responding to inquiries by phone or mail until the end of the Holidays.