TAW teaches animation in South America

Animation as a natural tool in the daily school work, when TAW is on a visit.
TAW's department Animated Learning Lab is in Uruguay and Argentina to arrange workshop for teachers and pupils.

Together with ROSA (The Danish Rock Council) Animated Learning Lab is a part of the festival called Dias Nordicos. The festival has existed since 2010 and presents Nordic music, architecture and animation in Latin American countries focusing on Nordic culture and values and more.

This week Animated Learning Lab's Hanne Petersen is in Montevideo and Buenos Aires arranging workshops for teachers and pupils as a part of the project Dias Nordicos. Hanne will draw attention to the potential of animation as a tool of communication and cognition in primary and lower secondary school, and show how animation can be used in the daily school work. By teachers in the classes, but also by the pupils for their assignments and as part of their homework.