The Summer of Unreal

Summer of Unreal, Epic Games
July 26 to August 22, for four weeks you can join us for an invaluable lesson in one of the world's biggest 3D creative tools, Unreal Engine
Join us for four weeks alongside animators, VFX artists, 3D graphic designers, illustrators, riggers and several others in an ambitious summer course in Unreal Engine

Today we launch the Summer of Unreal alongside our partners!

We have partnered with EPIC GAMES and some of the best animation schools in Europe - Escape Studios, ArtFX School, La Salle Campus Barcelona, Screen Skills Ireland, Crater Studios and Film Serbia - and we have planned and designed a four-week summer course in Unreal Engine: A platform and creative tool you won't be able to sneak your way around in the future.

Check out the course here.