Learn to go "uner the hood" and understand the core principles of how simulations are created.

We are extremely excited once again to work with Houdini-sensei Andrew Lowell on the upcoming Houdini & Simulation course!

Simulation is the most important aspect of Houdini, and even though there are many Houdini courses worldwide, none of them, to the best of our knowledge, focus so exclusively and in-depth on the study and production of simulations! 

The end product of the course is a technically innovative and rendered simulation using a wide variety of methods, along with the heavy use of Houdini as its main application.

The intent focus on simulation involves imparting realistic and complex motion to animation. Supplemental theory and studies can be optionally undertaken in TouchDesigner, Unity, and direct coding; both complementing Houdini as well as making it a truly unique and vibrant animation course.