VAF2020 kick off!

September 20, Viborg Animation Festival was kicked off in Viborg Musiksal. We're looking forward to 7 days of events, culture and networking!

Viborg Animation Festival 2020 has begun!

Viborg Animation Festival means a city full of culture, films, events and people checking out amazing art.

It also means the culmination and busiest time for a lot of TAW's project leaders, who are making sure all VAF's visitors are getting an amazing experience - and we hope they do!

If you're in Viborg, and you're ready for an adventure of art and animation, check out:

VAF's Film program

Expanded Animation

ANIDOX:VR Awards 2020

Several ONLINE professional VAF Talks about arts and crafts

VAF Professions: Visualizing Architecture

VAF Professions: FAME - Film and Media for Education

And so much more - go explore VAF's website!