Viborg Animation Festival 2021

Viborg Animation Festival 2021
 From September 27 to October 3 , the home town of TAW, Viborg, will be BUBBLING with uncontained joy and celebrations for all things animated as Viborg Animation Festival 2021 kicks off!
Viborg Animation Festival is Denmark's largest festival for people with a passion for all things animated. The festival hosts events for both public and professionals, championing the visual creative industry: Films, games, arts, dissemination, literacy and so much more!

September 27 - October 3: A week of uncontained joy

Animation is film, art, games, dissemination and so much more, and every year during Viborg Animation Festival (VAF) thousands of people get the opportunity to experience all of that for a full week.


This year's festival has four tracks:

Films: The core of the festival, and there are films of any type, and preference. The line-up this year brings new, classical, international, Danish, family-oriented, experimental and alternative films, and you can see (nearly) all of them during VAF! You'll have to pick and choose, however, because there's too many for one person to watch even within a week.

Culture: Art, games, exhibitions, events, and anything in between. During the VAF Culture track, you can experience internationally recognized artists, and you can dive into experimental and alternative animation culture.

Industry: Professionals and business people working with animation don't miss out either! New insights, masterclasses, talks, workshops, conferences, and results from years of hard work about animation's numerous applications will be debated and presented to collaborative networks in science dissemination, didactics, and much more.

ANIMOK: VAF also embraces animation for children - this track is for kids, their families, institutions, and schools. The children here get to play around with animation in new ways that allow them to get a better understand of what films are and can do.


To get a full overview of everything you can do during VAF this year, check out their program on:


You can't see get to see everything... There's just too much, but you'll have plenty to choose and pick from!


More events during Viborg Animation Festival:

The animation industry branches out far and wide, and it'd be impossible for Viborg Animation Festival to touch upon all points.

But other initiatives in Viborg are ready to dive into their passions and share them with others.

Games: Viborg Game Expo is ready to celebrate everything about games - for those who play them, those who develop them, and those who wish to take part in the community.

Animation in the health sector: Animated Health Conference dive into animation as a tool for better user experiences in the health sector

Visualization and animation in science dissemination: The SCI-VI Conference is a large network of visionaries and researchers looking to build bridges between complex knowledge and visual storytelling.