Garbage-collecting ocotopus wins game jam in Viborg

Impact Jam 2018 winner: OctoTrash
In-game footage of OctoTrash. Image credit: Costin Benescu
The virtual reality game OctoTrash took home the first prize at the 2018 Impact Game Jam.

The game jam took place from January 27-28 at the Student House in Viborg and was organized by The Animation Workshop and Games for Change Europe in cooperation with SYBO Games and Game Hub Scandinavia.

Seventeen creative professionals and students from the fields of animation, VR and games were divided into four teams and had just 36 hours to create each their prototype or concept. 

A jury consisting of Morten Thorning (The Animation Workshop), Jean-Michel Blottiere (Games for Change Europe), Lisbeth Engbo (Plastic Change) and Sebastian Trelles (SYBO Games) picked the virtual reality game OctoTrash as the winner, citing it's technical achievement and empathetic insight into how a sea creature might experience ocean pollution.

In the game, you play as an octopus trying to keep its home on the seabed clean by catching sinking pieces of plastic with it's tentacles and placing them into a trashcan.

The members of the winning team were Sule Serubugo, a media and CG-designer from Rovango Studio in Aalborg; Basile Mathieu, a game design student from ENJMIN/Gobelins; Anna Harakoulos, owner of the game company Ninetysix Games; and Costin Benescu, concept designer at LEGO Group.

The four team members were awarded tickets to the 2018 Nordic Game Conference where they'll get the chance to showcase their product.

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Impact Jam 2018 winner: OctoTrash

OctoTrash in action