Congratulations! The 16 unique projects for NipponNordic have been chosen

The 16 projects chosen for NipponNordic 2018
NipponNordic is a 4 week artist residency for creative concept development, individual mentorship, and cooperation between Japan and Scandinavia.

We are so proud to announce the final selection of the 16 participating projects for the NipponNordic Universe Accelerator 2018.

During the residency between the 3rd and 30th of September 2018 the participants will be guided and supervised by professionals from the industry to identify their audiences, enhance their commercial potential, and highlight the strengths of their IP’s (intellectual property).

The participants will receive pitch training from Jessica Laurent, Cinematic Design from Jericca Cleland, World Building from Anders and Martin Rauff, and much more. The residency is an intensive mentorship program, where the participants gets regular consultations with their personal mentors to get ready for their Pitch Day.