Reverie directed by Philip Piaget



A young boy sets out to confront Death itself.

Deep in the harsh and dreary countryside, a boy’s world crumbles around him. Grief, sorrow and rage torment the boy’s heart without mercy. The boy journeys to the limits of his world in a desperate attempt to stop the inescapable beast that stands between him and his flesh and blood.


Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez - Director / Animator  

Silvia Artak - Production Manager / Pipeline Manager / Design / Generalist (CA/CG) / Rigging

Federico Pirovano - Art Director / Design / Animator / BG Artist  

Tobias Dahl Orderud - Technical Art Director / Design / Generalist (CA/CG) / BG Artist  

Martin Steffen Neukirch - Lead Animator  

Ida Asferg Jakobsen - Design / Generalist (CA/CG) / BG Artist

Francesco Trivella - Rigging / Design / Generalist (CA/CG)  

Louis Albert Kynd - Animator / BG Artist  

Sebastian Mosegaard Hannibal – Animator