Within Without bachelor film by Patrycja Cmak

Within, Without

Within, Without

A knight is forced to face the memories that haunt.

In a barren and cold world, a lone knight travels toward a sole beacon of hope; a beautiful, golden city. When the knight’s way is blocked by an infallible monster, the knight must fight to reach his goal; but can they defeat the monster from within the heavy armour without facing the memories that haunt?


Patrycja Cmak - Director 
Ariel Ries - Story Lead
Marie Post Riggelsen - Production Manager 
Maria Madelaire Forná - Art Director 
Morten Solgaard Pedersen - Art Director &Technical Director 
Auriane Laïly - Animation Lead 
Marta Milczarek - Pipeline Manager & Environment lead 
Henrik Langergaard Jepsen - CG Generalist 
Carl Otto Moesgård Jørgensen - CG Generalist 

Additional Animation: Myra Hild Pauline Champetier Kristine Behrmann Larsen Linda Chuu Bjurhager Leena Lecklin Louis Kynd Joel Stenbäck

Additional Cleanup and Colour: Søren Sparre Jowanna Barvizi Federico Pirovano Kristina Silkjær Pernille Flyvholm Philip Rodrigues Sarah Rothernberger Mariyam Aulbekova Charly Katrin Mårtensson Cora Mckenna Karoline Lie Monica Antonie Meineche Sofya Baychuk