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VFX Residency

Artist Residency

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The Animation Workshop / VIA University College, with the support of Nordisk Film Fond and Viborg Kommune, invites both professional and newly graduated visual effects/CG Artists, to come work on their personal projects or develop a specific field or topic within VFX industry practices .


About VFX Residency

  • Facts

    Title: VFX Residency

    Language: English

    Duration: A residency is between 3 to 6 months

    Application deadline: November 22, 2019

    Fee: There is no fee for the residents

    More information: During the residency you will have the opportunity to dive into, amongst others, such areas as:

    • Explore and experiment with new software
    • Polish and perfect existing technical skills
    • Research fluid, particle and combustion simulation processes
    • Research light, color and composition
    • Acquire hands-on experience with on-site filming
    • Develop and program production pipeline tools
    • Study materials, experiment with photo real look development
  • Structure and content

    The VFX Residency is supported by Nordisk Film Foundation and Viborg Kommune, and is run at The Animation Workshop / VIA University College, by its Open Workshop department, which is a film workshop and an artist residency.

    The VFX Residency is a program for artists and film technicians who are interested in developing ideas, projects and tools for the Danish and global VFX industry, as resident artists. The Animation Workshop offers 3- to 6-month residency periods to 2 to 4 artists at the time, the first of which can begin mid-April 2019. 

    Submissions are open, please go to the “How to Apply” section of this web page to find the application form.

    What you get:

    • Free housing in a room by a lake (bathroom and kitchen shared with 3 to 5 other VFX residents)
    • Free desk in incubation area of the Arsenal company cluster
    • High-end PC, screens, Wacom tablet
    • Extensive and expandable software suite
    • Access to render farm, to our sever, back-up
    • Support and guidance from our team of experienced VFX experts
    • Trips to various relevant industry events for showcases and recruiting
    • Optionally: in connection with Filmtalent’s own VFX Talent Film project (also supported by Nordisk Film Fond), we will give our residents the possibility to do paid VFX work on live-action films made by young Danish talents. These would be smaller jobs that can be done while also working on your own projects.
  • How to apply

    To apply for a spot in the VFX residency, please fill out and submit our online contact form.  

    Make sure to include online links to your previous work and to attach:

    • Your CV
    • A project description detailing the work you intend to do in the VFX Residency
    • A list of expected results, detailing what you hope to accomplish/learn
  • Information for non-Danish applicants

    Applicants from outside EU can stay in Denmark for up to 90 days on a tourist visa.

    The VFX Residency is intended for the most part for Danish CG/VFX artists. We can however accept up to 2 non-Danes per year. We will be happy to provide you with letters confirming your residency period and status as an artist in residence at TAW. You are responsible for acquainting yourself with the rules that apply in relation to your stay in Denmark. 

    More information:

  • Fees and finances

    A VFX Residency is completely free.

    If you’re also approved for housing, then your room and utilities are also free during your stay. However, we do NOT provide living money or any type of personal cash for its resident artists. We do however provide you with opportunities for paid work around the school and the region, such as teaching, project supervision, various animation jobs, consulting and many more.

    The Animation Workshop also has a budget to buy equipment, software, etc. that you might need to work (within reason).

  • Housing

    When applying for a spot in the VFX residency you can also apply for housing. The housing is located in a lake house, a 20-minute walk from The Animation Workshop and the company cluster Arsenalet. Here you will have your own private room with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities with 3 - 5 other VFX residents.
  • Partners

    VFX Residency partners

    Nordisk Film Foundation


    The mission of the Nordisk Film Foundation is to encourage initiatives that develop and shed light on talents of international standing.

    Viborg Kommune

    Viborg Kommune


    Viborg municipality is a municipality (Danish, kommune) in Region Midtjylland on the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark. The municipality covers an area of 1,421.04 km², the second largest in Denmark, and has a population of 94,622 (1 April 2014). Viborg is the capital of Region Midtjylland.

  • Contact

    Tim Leborgne is the Department Director of Professional Training and Open Workshop

    Tim Leborgne

    Department Director, Talent and Skills

    T: +45 87 55 49 52