City of Memories by Signe Tveitan

City of Memories

City of Memories

An orphan girl is stuck in a crumbling city, living among memories. 

In the desert lies a mysterious city, where past lives are shown within the pink dust that fills the streets. A young orphan girl is stuck here, reliving the memory of her mother. When she makes a new friend, she is faced with a choice: to keep living in the past, or to break free and leave the city.


Signe Tveitan - Director/LookDev/Compositing
Sabrina Borgesen - Production manager/Rigging/CG Generalist
Jesse Zhang - Art director /Editing /Animator 
Kristian Bonne - TD/Environments/Compositing  
Pernille Flyvholm - Animation Lead/Character Design 
Gabija Smalinskaite - Pipeline manager/Rigging/CG Generalist
Ebbe Wyrtz - CG generalist/Modeling
Radoslav Nedyalkov - CG Generalist/Matte Panting/Simulation Lead
Line Skroder - Story Development/Animator 

Additional Animation:
Joel Stenback Marta Dziedzic Søren Bro Sparre Isak Howalt Owe Jowanna Barvizi Tyler Davis Alex Louw Marie Verhoeven Neil Ingle Sofia Lantz Barzi Vir Prieto 

Additional CG:
Marta Milczarek Sofia Lantz Barzi Katarina Lundquist Silvia Artak