Vermine and Solar Walk selected for this year's Berlinale

Still from Vermine by Jeremie Becquer
Vermine is based on personal experiences with discrimination
From a harsh society of mice and rats to a spectacular journey through space. We are extremely proud to announce the selection of Vermine and Solar Walk to this year's Berlinale.

Vermine, one of this year’s bachelor films, was selected for the Graduation14plus program. The film builds on personal experiences with discrimination. Set in a contemporary society of mice and rats, Hubert, a young observing rat, recites slam poetry full of hope within his head as he passes by individualistic strangers in the Parisian metro. Hubert’s poetry remains optimistic and persistent, despite the harsh reality of the world he lives in.

“Vermine tackles a very relevant and ongoing issue in our society and I really wanted people to reflect on it,” says Jeremie.

Vermine is Jeremie Becquer’s debut film. He graduated from The Animation Workshop in January 2018, and is currently working as a Junior Animator with SPA Studios in Madrid. 

The award presentation of Generation 14plus will be held on Friday, February 23.

Solar Walk selected for Berlinale Shorts

Director Réka Bucsi's Solar Walk shows the journey of individuals and their creations through time and space. It is both a short film, and a unique live performance combining original jazz big band music, poetic songs and animated images produced by The Animation Workshop. The performance premiered during Viborg Animation Festival in 2017. Solar Walk was composed by Niels Marthinsen and jazz singer Susi Hyldgaard, and performed live by Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, feat. Susi Hyldgaard and Ingeborg Thisted Højlund conducted by Nikolai Bøgelund. 

The winners of the Golden Bear, the Silver Bear, as well as the Audi Short Film Award will be announced on Saturday, February 24. The award ceremony will also be streamed live on the Berlinale Website.



Get a glimpse of the films

Vermine by Jeremie Becquer

Vermine teaser

Hubert, a young observing rat, recites slam poetry full of hope 
Solar Walk by Réka Bucsi

Solar Walk trailer

Solar Walk shows a journey through space within an animated cosmic chaos