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Open Workshop

Artist Residency

Open Workshop invites both new and confirmed talents, budding artists and professionals to work on their personal projects in a highly versatile and creative environment.

About Open Workshop

  • Facts

    Title: Open Workshop

    Language: English

    Duration: Minimum two months, depending on the project

    Application deadline: May 4, 2018, at 12:00 noon (CET)

    Fee: Open Workshop is an artist residency, which means that there is no fee 

    More information:

    Supported by:

    Filmtalent Denmark is working towards developing national strategies for talent development in the Danish film- and media industry

    The Filmtalent Foundation develops national strategies for talent development in film and other related media platforms.

    We strive to promote the development, visibility and conditions of young talents throughout Denmark. The purpose is to create coherence in Danish talent development for the film industry; from recruitment to market launch. Filmtalent works nationwide and is the main organization for local film and animation workshops in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, and Viborg. 

  • Structure and content

    Work on your project and get professional consulting and support in any necessary form.

    Open Workshop functions as an artistic residency center where both new and confirmed talents, budding artists and professionals can live for a time to work on their personal projects, either on their own or together in teams in a highly versatile and creative environment. In addition, newly established animation companies can apply for development support to their projects. Open Workshop supports both internal and external projects.

    Read more about project support

    Artists have access to the most skilled international consultants within the animation field from Denmark, EU, the US, and Asia, who are brought in from among the best in the industry. 

    What you get:

    When an artist/project has been accepted to Open Workshop, along with an approved budget and production schedule, we provide:

    • Studio space in a common workspace (the common space is approximately 500 square meters) plus access to a full music studio
    • All necessary materials and equipment within a wide range of possibilities (from any digital production set-up to experimental stop-motion)
    • Production supervision and planning (also line production when necessary)
    • Professional consulting on the project in any necessary form
    • Individual project meetings with the Open Workshop staff
    • Group project meetings where new and current resident artists gather to give progress updates and gather feedback on their projects or pitch new projects
    • A vast network of national and international guest professionals, which constantly flows and pulses through the school
  • How to apply

    Open Workshop is open to aspiring artists and young talents wishing to develop their portfolio.

    To apply for a spot/or support at Open Workshop please use the online application form. The deadline for applying to Open Workshop is May 4, 2018, at 12:00 noon (CET).

    You are asked to provide a CV and general information about your project. You can also add other documents such as script, storyboard, budget, schedule, artwork etc. This will help give us a clear understanding of what your project is and enable us to make a thorough evaluation.

    Before applying, please make sure to read the following:


    Do you want to develop a portfolio in Open Workshop? Apply here. Please note that accepted portfolio artists in Open Workshop will normally be granted a stay from September 1 to March 15.

    Applications submitted in May and August will all be processed in August. 


    Can only be submitted after approval by the Open Workshop manager. Reserved for applicants who wish to apply for additional support for a project already supported by another film workshop under Filmtalent or Screen Talent Europe. No deadline. Apply here

    Quick Support

    Only available for current Open Workshop artists. No deadline.

  • Instructors

    Open Workshop does not have in-house instructors. The Open Workshop residents have access to consulting with a wide range of professionals. 
  • International applicants

    Open Workshop is financed by The Danish Film Institute to develop primarily Danish animation talent.

    International artists wishing to apply for an Open Workshop residency are expected to be open to future collaborations and co-productions. You should also be a senior animator/artist whom the young Danish talents can learn from.

    Moving to Denmark

    Open Workshop will be happy to provide you with letters confirming your residency period and status as an artist in residence at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College. You are responsible for acquainting yourself with the rules that apply in relation to your stay in Denmark.

    More information:

  • Fees and finances

    A residency at Open Workshop is completely free.

    If you’re approved for housing, your room and utilities will also be free during your stay.

    However, Open Workshop does NOT provide living money or any type of personal cash for its resident artists. We do however provide them with opportunities for paid work around the school and the region, such as teaching, project supervision, various animation jobs, consulting etc.

    In certain cases, Open Workshop can provide grants. 

  • Housing

    Open Workshop provides special housing for its residents.

    When applying for a spot at Open Workshop you can also apply for Open Workshop housing. The housing is located in one of the former barracks and is less than 100 meters from The Animation Workshop/VIA University College. Here you will have your own private room and shared kitchen and bathroom facilities with other Open Workshop residents.

    If you are applying to Open Workshop to work on your portfolio housing is unfortunately not available.

  • Contact

    Tim Leborgne

    Department Director, Professional Training and Open Workshop

    T: +45 87 55 49 52