Portfolio requirements for Character Animation

Your portfolio should represent you as an artist, and include your best work.
It is important that we see a good demonstration of your skills within all the different categories listed below.
You can freely choose the medium of your drawings – traditional or digital; however, it is good to see your skills in both mediums.

Content requirements for Character Animation

  1. Life drawings: long studies (min. 2 - max 4 drawings) and croquis (min. 10 – max. 15 drawings)
    Drawings in this category should include formal life drawing with models, and can include drawings of people in real life situations - sketches. It may include drawings of animals as well. It is important that drawings show proper anatomy, size proportions, and an understanding of shape, body dynamics and weight of the figure. We recommend drawing from real life, not drawing from photographs.

  2. Drama and acting (min. 8 - max. 15 different poses/expressions)
    Drawings in this category should depict characters expressing a specific emotion or feeling. From reading the character's body language, the viewer should be able to clearly determine the character’s mood or feelings. We recommend you depict two characters relating to one another in a scene. Characters should vary in personality, form, shape, and color.

  3. Movement (min. 6 - max. 15 drawings/different scenarios)
    Drawings in this category should depict characters that are in motion—walking, jumping, dancing or doing sports, for example. In short, any situation where the character is in movement. Proportion and dynamic posing should be taken into consideration.

  4. Storytelling (min. 8 - max. 30 panels/drawings; a panel is like a TV screen)
    Create a sequence of drawings that visually tells a story or a sequence of events. Consider composition, camera angle and posing of the character to tell the story without the use of text.

  5. Perspective (min. 4 - max. 6 drawings)
    Drawings in this category include environments, buildings or landscapes that demonstrate an understanding of the principles of perspective. This may include classic studies of perspective, but at least one drawing should use perspective of an object within an environment. At least two of the drawings must be done without technical aid, not using software to define the perspective.

  6. Freestyle (min. 8 - max. 12 drawings)
    Submit some of your best imaginative character based drawings which show us your favorite drawing style(s), highlighting your personal and unique abilities. It is a plus to show versatility and range in drawing style.

  7. Optional
    You are welcome to include links or additional categories work outside of our requirements, like animations, illustrations, story ideas, pages from your sketchbook, creative projects you have been involved with or any graphical work you have produced.
    Also, should you have relevant recommendations or references and wish ti include them in your portfolio, this is the place to put them.

PLEASE NOTE: The requirements for the portfolio format is changed: As of 2018, we require you to send your portfolio in a SINGLE PDF FILE.