Maria Catarina Azevedo

21 years old. Portuguese.
Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling 2017-2021 

Why did you decide to come study Graphic Storytelling in Viborg of all places?

I actually came from an animation course back in my country and I was miserable there. The teaching was just downright terrible. When I heard of TAW, I was so happy to find a place where I could really fit in! My reasons for applying are that I’ve always had an interest in making characters and stories come alive. The whole creative process is just fascinating to me. I’ve always had a very strong connection to comics, BD and manga that I thought was impossible to pursue. Then Graphic Storytelling appeared and my dreams came true! TAW is also extremely rich in cultural diversity and I feel that kind of environment is the one I needed to widen my horizons and help me understand others. To be able to connect emotionally with others is a valuable thing for a storyteller and I’m always striving to get better at that.

Was there a defining moment in your life that led you on to the path toward this career choice?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That's how it all started! I was a bored 13-year-old who was going to go study pharmaceutics or something like that but then these guys came along! I fell in love with the tv series and comics, joined forums and later art communities! Thanks to TMNT and the support the people in the fandom gave me, I started drawing, making up stories and widening my horizons! It was also when I started collecting Spiderman comics (own 400+ issues so far) and finding a universe of possibilities.

Are there any experiences from your time at The Animation Workshop that have stood out on a personal or professional level, which you would like to highlight?

Uh, tough question! I think just the amount of people I’ve met so far is worth highlighting? I’ve been here for only 1 semester and have already met so many of my idols, being students or teachers! Everyone at school is good at something different and has such a diverse style, it’s so insane and inspiring!

You are sitting at your desk, diligently working like on any other day given day. Suddenly, you’re sucked into your computer screen and find yourself as a character in your favorite graphic universe! Which comic/graphic novel kidnapped you?

Don't make me chose, that’s super hard!! Instead, I’ll pick the last one I (re)read, which was W.I.T.C.H.!