Do you want to seriously improve your portfolio? 

TDA Portfolio

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Do you have great drawing skills and need the help to improve your portfolio? TDA Portfolio is the best preparation to apply for our bachelor programs! 

About TDA Portfolio

  • Facts

    Title: TDA Portfolio

    Language: English

    Credits: The course is not accredited with ECTS points.

    Duration of the course: 10 weeks. Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

    Course start: The course will be offered the last time in January 2023. Please also see the course “TDA Classical & Visual Storytelling Foundation” if you are looking for a way to prepare your portfolio to the bachelor education of The Animation Workshop

    Course dates: Spring 2022: January 3 – March 11

    Application deadline: October 17, 2021

    Fee: 17,000 DKK. Former students of The Drawing Academy's semester courses and Visuel HF get a 2000 DKK discount.

  • Structure and content

    TDA Portfolio is a ten-week long supplement course to TDA Classical. The course is designed to give you the best preparation possible for applying to the bachelor programs at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College.

    TDA Portfolio consists of a mix of workshops, project work, individual portfolio feedback and lectures. Through the workshops, you will be introduced to the disciplines that are required in the portfolio for your application to the bachelor programs.

    The bachelor programs have different requirements. Some weeks the whole group will be taught together, and at other times, you will get the opportunity to choose the workshop that is most relevant for the education you are applying for. In most cases, you will be able to use drawings made in the workshops directly in your portfolio.

    For the next course we are doing the following workshops:

    • Storytelling and storyboard
    • Character design
    • Drawing – gesture drawing, short studies, perspective etc.
    • Comic language/writing
    • Drama
    • Background design
    • World Building

    Please note that you might not be able to attend all the workshops, as some of them will take place at the same time.

    Shortly before the admissions deadline to the bachelor programs you will get the chance to focus 100% on your portfolio and receive qualified feedback.

    Fridays are dedicated to life drawing and talks on art, film and comics.

    You will be part of the highly professional study environment of The Animation Workshop/VIA University College that cultivates an extensive international network of skilled professional guest teachers. You will get access to many extracurricular activities such as inspirational talks by artists, illustrators and animators, evening life drawing, sport and social events. All extra activities are generally free of charge for students of The Drawing Academy.

  • How to apply

    In order to apply for TDA Portfolio you must demonstrate good classical drawing skills.

     You will be asked to supply a link to an online portfolio that demonstrates your drawing skills. It can be a blog or Tumblr with 10 to 20 classical drawings, of which a minimum of five should be of a life model.

    After the application deadline, you will be invited for an admission interview. Applicants who attended the semester course TDA Classical will have a good chance at being accepted into TDA Portfolio but generally, we cannot guarantee admission for all former TDA Classical students.

  • Teachers

    TDA Portfolio consists of a series of workshops. Each workshop is taught by a highly skilled teacher who has special expertise in that particular field.

    The teaching methods may vary a bit from teacher to teacher but all teachers take a practical approach to what they teach, based on concrete experiences from education, professional projects etc.

  • Fees and finances

    The course fee is 17,000 DKK. Former students of TDA Classical or Visuel HF get a 2000 DKK discount. 

    The school does not offer scholarships.

    It is not possible to get SU (public education support) for following the course.

    The students will mainly be working with analogue drawing materials but in some workshops, the students will have the opportunity to work digitally if they have their own computer equipment. While many students may want to create part of their portfolio digitally, except for a few computers for scanning etc. in the common areas, the school is not providing computers for the students in TDA Portfolio. Bringing a computer and a Wacom tablet is recommended but in no way mandatory.

  • Housing

    The Animation Workshop/VIA University College itself has no acommodation. Our role is to provide various opportunities for housing and help create contact between housing providers and students.

    Shortly after you have been accepted into the course, you will be contacted by the school’s Housing Coordinator with specific housing information.

    Students can choose to reside in student dormitories or private housing arrangements.

    Cost of living

    Dorm rooms in Viborg typically cost between DKK 2300 and 3500 (250 - 470 EUR) per month depending on size and whether you are willing to share facilities. Utility expenses, like electricity, internet and heating, are not included and usually cost around DKK 600 (80 EUR) per month. Private rooms in shared apartments can range depending on size, location and other factors, but are not drastically different from the cost of student accommodation.

    Camp Logos

    The dormitory Camp Logos is located across the street from the school and houses many of our students. Rooms at Camp Logos come with furniture, bathroom and a small kitchen. You should bring your own pillow, duvet and kitchen utensils. The availability in Camp Logos is very limited at this point. However, a new wing is under development and expected to be completed in 2018. Get further information on Camp Logos

    The Merkur dormitory 

    Merkur Kollegiet (The Merkur dormitory) is located in a newer residential area in Viborgs eastern district, 3.8 km from The Animation Workshop. All rooms are furnished with a bed and a desk, and all have cable TV and free internet access. Each room has a storage room.

    Shared apartments

    It is our experience that the majority of our students prefer to move into a shared flat in the city. Join our Facebook Housing group to team up with other students looking for roommates and new tenants for the apartments, they are leaving themselves.

    These websites may also be helpful:

    Boligselskabet Sct. Jørgen(Camp Logos and various rentals across city)
    Boligselskabet Viborg(Merkur Kollegiet and various rentals across city)
    Danhousing (many large apartments in the city – suitable for sharing)

    If you have questions about housing or need language assistance, please contact

  • Contact

    Maria Skov Pedersen is a teacher and coordinator at The Drawing Academy and Professional Training

    Maria Skov Pedersen

    Coordinator and teacher of the Talent & Skills Department

    T: +45 87 55 49 44