Animation, visualization and graphic storytelling in research, dissemination and innovation

Research & Development

The Animation Workshop, Center for Animation, Visualization, and Digital Storytelling, engages in research and development across 12 different programs.

The R&D programs of The Animation Workshop all aim to celebrate, investigate, innovate, develop, and research subjects and possibilities, in any imaginable way, related to animation, visualization, and digital storytelling.

The central purpose of the activities is to strengthen and develop the Danish and European digital visual industry and to support its growth into a global market leader.

Through development, innovation, and research we seek to foster collaborations, synergy, and knowledge exchange across traditional boundaries. We work with all types of partners, from single artists to big enterprises, from artistic traditional animators to advanced XR-companies.

Research and Development programs:

  • Sci-Vi: Animation & Visualization in Science 
  • Dissemination & Communication
  • Creative Learning & Animation
  • IP-development
  • Expanded Animation
  • Professions
  • Internationalization & System Export
  • New Technologies
  • Talent Development & Training
  • Business Development
  • Animated Culture
  • Professional Residencies