ANIMOK - promoting the development of social, cultural and creative communities in children.


ANIMOK aims to provide children and young people the skills and opportunities to create their own aesthetic expression using animation. This happens in the synergy between good movie experiences and film activities, where we work with the learning process: “Experience, understand and create”.

ANIMOK offers free film activities and film programs for children and young people in kindergartens and schools during Viborg Animation Festival, and thereby helps strengthen Denmark's youngest citizens' access to artistic and cultural experiences.


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    ANIMOK wants to give all children, including children, who do not experience and encounter art and culture in the family because of social and economic reasons, equal opportunities to experience art and culture, and to create themselves an aesthetic expression.

    Therefore, every year we offer:

    • Free film programs screening both animation feature and short film programs by Danish and international artists.
    • Various film activities, such as school competition for all grades, Q&A with artists, ”Meet the director” sessions, teaching material for selected films, and various workshops that change from year to year.

    ANIMOK has 2 target groups: children and young people on the one hand, and educators and teachers on the other.

    It is important that educators and teachers feel involved in the film pedagogical activities, and that they obtain inspiration, tools and skills to be able to use animation in their work with children afterwards.

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    Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen

    Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen

    Festival director, ANIMOK

    T: +45 87 55 49 37


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