Sci-Vi: Animation and Visualization 

Sci-Vi: Animation and Visualization

Program objectives:

Developing visual storytelling, animation, and visualization as a tool for improving the expert and/or vulgarized communication of scientific knowledge.


Program areas:

  • Basic research: The visual and the cognitive
  • Communication: Science to Science // Science to Public
  • Narratives, animation, and visualization in science communication
  • Cases and collaborations: Fostering partnerships between scientists and visual storytellers
  • Sci-Vi: Community, conferences, and seminars on the visualization of science


Key Questions:

  • How can cooperation between researchers and visual storytellers strengthen the dissemination and development of research?
  • How can narratives be used to communicate research?
  • How can we strengthen the cooperation between scientists and visual storytellers?
  • How can the visual help science interact with the public and the public interact with science?