How to apply to our Bachelor's degree programmes

These 7 steps will guide you through the admission process for the professional bachelor’s degrees at The Animation Workshop.

We are looking for students who possess a broad understanding of the relevant skills and are willing and able to learn new ways of expressing themselves throughout their years of study. Our students are motivated, ambitious, and open to be inspired and explore new paths, creatively and professionally.

As a bachelor student, you should be able to reflect on your own and others’ work process, work within deadlines and in different genres, both individually and together with other students with different personalities, skills, and ideas.

Our graduates are known for their high skill level and their excellent collaborative skills. 

Application steps

Admission rates for 2023

  • Character Animation: 25 admitted of 375 applicants
  • Computer Graphic Arts: 26 admitted of 139 applicants
  • Graphic Storytelling: 20 admitted of 226 applicants

Any questions after going through the steps?

Get in touch if you need assistance with your application.
  • For questions regarding the application form, visit where you can join live chat for international applicants and contact support.

  • For questions regarding admission requirements – contact our Admissions counsellors at or chat with us in the Livechat on this page. We are usually available on the chat weekdays from 9-11 am. NB! 13 and 14 March the chat is open from 9 am to 2 pm.

  • For study-related questions such as the content of the programme, portfolio requirements, internship, study environment etc. go to the relevant study programme's webpage and open the livechat, or contact the student counsellor at the programme. Livechat is available these days up towards the application deadline:

    • Tuesday, February 27, 12.00-14.00 (UTC+1)
    • Wednesday, March 6, 12.30-14.30 (UTC+1)
  • For questions after you have sent your application - go to where the Admissions Center will be able to assist you. Last day for assistance is Friday, March 15, 2024, 9.30-11.30 (UTC+1).

  • You can file a complaint with the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, if the complaint concerns legal matters related to your decision. The deadline for submitting a complaint is 2 weeks from the day the decision is informed.

    This means that you can complain, if you believe the decision violates applicable laws, such as the Public Administration Act, the Act on Gender Equality, and general principles of administrative law. You cannot complain about academic assessments and specific judgements.

    If you still believe the decision violates applicable laws, you must send your complaint to VIA University College at, no later than 2 weeks after the decision is informed. If the case is not reopened, VIA will forward the entire case to the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.

    Complaint Manuals Guide — English (