The Animation Workshop is happy to welcome exchange students to our Bachelor's degree programmes. At the Animation Programme you will choose between following a semester on the Character Animation Line or the CG Arts Line.




1 semester (30 ESTS)

Campus city


Study start

August/September and January/February

About the Animation exchange programme

  • As an exchange student, you will enroll in our full degree programmes taught in English. You will be joining a class consisting of both international and Danish students.

    The programme is taught in English

    The courses:

    Character Animation, 3rd semester (fall semester)

    3rd Semester: Character Animation 
    During the course of their 3rd semester, the students will build upon their animation skills by delving into the world of 3D. Through an array of animation assignments in the software Autodesk Maya, students will take their knowledge of basic animation and implement it in 3D. As the semester advances, the assignments focus more and more on the interaction between characters. Students will furthermore be learning about cinematography, film analysis, idea development and narrative history and adaptation. 

    Examples of assignments on 3rd semester: 
    • Bouncing ball 
    • Generic walk cycle 
    • Character walk cycle 
    • Box lift 
    • Parkour action 
    • Interaction between two characters 
    • 4-legged creature animation 

    CG Arts 3rd semester (fall semester)

    The semester involves compositing course in Nuke and the creature project; designing a creature and taking it from concept through the 3D pipeline – modelling, sculpting, texturing, shading, lighting rendering, and integrating the character into a live action plate. Lastly a 3 week rigging course build around rigging a character is also a part of 3rd semester. 

    Character Animation 4th semester (spring semester)

    During the course of their 4th semester, students will advance in their animation studies by using their skills in 3D animation on a longer project in groups. The 2nd year project takes place in the 4th semester and provides the students with the opportunity to go through a full production – from idea development, storyboard, pre-visualization, keys & style frames and production. Through working on a larger project, students will gain knowledge in communication, group work and animating delegated shots and working with different kinds of rigs. 
    Electives are also a part of 4th semester, and the students can decide in which direction they want to specialize within a self-study or in workshops.

    Self-study directions: storyboard, concept design, 2D animation, 3D animation and character rigging 
    Workshops: Game design or writing workshop 

    CG Arts 4th semester (spring semester)

    The semester involves a two week introduction course to a real-time engine - currently Unreal and a 10 week collaboration project built around making a 35 sec. movie for a client in groups. The movies can be both 2D and 3D.  The collaboration includes teaching and supervision in idea-development, concept and story and the many areas of actual production in regards to roles, pipeline, estimation and planning and communication in general. The last part of 4th semester are electives/self-studies where each student undertake either a new area that they would like to explore or an already known area they would like to dive deeper into.

    Character Animation and CG Arts 5th semester (fall semester)

    Individual specialization & External collaboration

    The 5th semester serves to prepare students for their individual career. Through lectures and supervision, they will be given the opportunity to explore and specialize in an area of interest, make informed decisions for their future career and create portfolios targeted towards their goals. The students will also practice collaboration with external directors to prepare for future careers in the Industry.

  • We warmly welcome international students. Studying at the school for a semester is a unique opportunity to specialize and dive into the field of animation – as well as an opportunity to get to know Denmark. 

    To be an exchange student at The Animation Workshop, your home institution must have an exchange agreement with us. If you do not know, if your institution is a partner of The Animation Workshop, please contact the international office at your home institution. 

    If your university does not have a partner agreement with The Animation Workshop or if you are a graduate wishing to study at The Animation Workshop to strengthen your profile, it is also possible to do so for a fee at our professional training courses: Programmes and courses - The Animation Workshop ( 

    We are currently looking into the opportunities of welcoming students from the EU and EEA countries from other institutions as guest students for a semester at the bachelor programmes. For now we do not have further information on this, but we will update our website if this will be possible.

  • On this page you will find a step-by-step guide on how to apply for an exchange at VIA University College: How to apply for VIA Education Exchange | VIA

    Please note that per definition, taking an exchange semester requires that your home institution has an exchange (inter-institutional) agreement with The Animation Workshop, VIA University College.

    When applying in the application portal MoveOn you must attach the following:

    • Copy of an identity document
    • Identity photo
    • Academic transcript of records
      • Copy of most recent official and certified official transcript from home university. If the official academic documents are in a language other than English, we will require an official English translation of the documents (including grades).

      • Motivational letter
      • Proof of language proficiency
      • Learning agreement (if ready at time of application)
      • Portfolio

      Portfolio requirements

      In order to apply for an exchange semester at the Animation programme, you must send us a showreel with the assignments and projects you have been working on at your home institution.

      Language requirements

      If English is not your first language, you will need to provide documentation of your English language level. VIA University College requires that you have an English level of B2 or higher (certificate is required), as you must be able to understand spoken English when following courses and be able to write assignments and reports in English.

      As documentation, we accept confirmation of a B2 level from your home institution or one of the following internationally recognized language tests: TOEFL, IELTS or the Cambridge ESOL test.

      For more information see English proficiency requirements

      Other requirements 

      In order to apply, you should have completed at least one years of studies in related areas and be 18 years old or more.

  • Exchange students do not pay tuition fees.

    Per definition, exchange stays are an exchange of one or more students between partner universities and therefore, exchange students do not pay tuition fees.

  • Need help before applying?

    If you are not sure which study programme is right for you, it might be helpful for you to talk to our international coordinator. 

    International Coordinator
    Rikke Schmidt

    You are always welcome to contact us.

    VIA University College
    The Animation Workshop
    Kasernevej 5
    DK-8800 Viborg 

    T: 87 55 49 00