2-week extensive introduction to Nuke for students and professionals

Niels Martin Träff

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PRO Summer School / Compositing in Nuke

This course introduces you to compositing in Nuke and to working in a node-based network. You get plenty of hands-on experience with the powerful software and you will get an overview of the capabilities and workflows in Nuke.

About PRO Summer School / Compositing in Nuke

  • Facts

    Title : PRO Summer School / Compositing in Nuke

    Language : English

    Credits : 5 ECTS points

    Duration of the program: 2 weeks

    Next program: 15 to 26 August, 2022

    Application deadline: May 1, 2022

    Fee, EU-citizens: 7.065 DKK (approx. 950 EUR)
    Fee, non-EU citizens: 8.600 DKK (approx. 1.156 EUR)

    Housing and food: Housing and food is not included in the course fee. Please see “Housing” for further details.

    Place: The Animation Workshop/VIA University College, Kasernevej 5, 8800 Viborg, DK


    Open Education

    PRO Summer School / Compositing in Nuke is an Open Education program, part of the Bachelor in Character Animation at The Animation Workshop, VIA University College (TAW). Open Education is a wide range of educational programs in Denmark offered to adults who wish to undergo further training. It is open to anybody who has successfully passed our admission criteria.

  • Structure and content


    This course will introduce you to compositing in Nuke and how to work in a node-based network. The course is designed to give you an introduction to Nuke, an overview of its capabilities and workflows.

    You will be equipped with a framework to understanding Nuke and how the software fits into a pipeline, with the goal to apply this new knowledge and understanding to future projects.

    The course will also teach what kind of what tasks can be achieved in compositing versus what should be left to 3D rendering.

    The two weeks are purely exercise driven and a reflection of what is currently being practiced in the CG/VFX industry.


    Course assignment

    Multiple assignments highlighting the different topics in Nuke.


    Course materials

    A workstation will be provided in the dedicated classroom with Nuke already installed


    Course instructional method

    Prerecorded lectures, class lectures, demonstrations and exercises.


    Daily program

    9-12: Class
    12-13: Lunch
    13-16: Class



    The course is rounded off with a graded exam based on the topic of the course.

  • How to apply

    Admission criteria

    The summer school is open for students who have studied at least one year on a bachelor education or have some professional experience in visual arts.


    How to apply

    To apply to the course, please use the online application form. You will be asked to upload:

    • A CV
    • Proof of study if relevant
    • A portfolio (online link or PDF), demonstrating visual work in some form


    About the application process

    The application is first-come-first-serve, and we review the applications as they are submitted. In the event of a successful application to the course, you will receive an acceptance letter within 1-2 weeks after applying. When the course is full, we will have to reject your application even though you meet the admission criteria. However, rejected, qualified applicants are put on a waiting list, and they will be offered a seat in case of cancelations.


    The application form

    In order to access the application form, you will be asked to sign in. In order to do that, you need to create your own password on the log on page.

    We are using a standard form for all VIA summer schools. The specific course name is not mentioned, it will simply say “VIA summer school”. This is one of several VIA summer schools, so you need to write that your first priority is this course.

    It lists another contact e-mail. Mails written to that will be forwarded, but for the sake of efficiency, it is better to write directly to PRS@via.dk if you have questions about the course or the application process.

    You will be asked to choose between certain options about you educational status or background. Because we are using a standard template, some participants can be qualified for instance though professional experience, but do not find the suitable option in the menu. In that case, please just choose a random one and make sure that it is explained in your CV what your actual background is.


    Please note

    The Animation Workshop, VIA University College (TAW) reserves the right to cancel the course should there not be enough participants.

  • Instructors

    Josh Parks

    Josh Parks

    Senior VFX Compositor at Important Looking Pirates / Writer at 3DWorld / Nuke Trainer

    Mission Impossible – Fallout (2018), Ready Player One (2018), Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018), Transformers - the Last Knight (2017).

  • Housing

    Camp logos

    For the duration of the course, one option is to rent a room in the nearby student dorm Camp Logos, which is run by the company Boligselskabet Sct. Jørgen. They offer various types of rooms furnished with a bed, a table and a chair. You can borrow duvet and pillow form The Animation Workshop, but you will need to bring your own bed sheets and kitchen utensils. Also, you will need to clean your room very thoroughly before leaving. All tenants are, for hygienic reasons, advised to buy a top mattress (300 DKK).

    One-room flat with private kitchen, bath and toilet: Approx. 2.625 kr.

    Single room in a flat shared with one other student (shared kitchen, bath and toilet): Approx. 2.250 kr.

    Please apply for housing at Camp Logos by sending a mail to: taw.housing@via.dk


    Facebook group

    In the Facebook group “Animation Workshop Housing Forum” you can get in contact with other students who might have a free room in their flat over the summer.

    Bed and Breakfast, camping etc.

    Here is a list of other affordable short-term housing options in Viborg:

    Danhostel Viborg
    DCU Camping Viborg Sø



    Food is not included in the course fee, but breakfast and lunch can be purchased in the VIA cantina. Bakeries and supermarkets that offer take-away meals as well as restaurants can be found close to the school. Please note that many of the housing options include cooking facilities.

  • Contact

    Per Kristensen is Project Manager at The Professional Training Department

    Per Kristensen

    Project Manager, Professional Training

    T: +45 87 55 49 55