María Pacheco

The illustration course as specialization after bachelor degree

María’s experience

I started the Illustration course in February 2020. At that time I had just finished a degree in Graphic Design and I was kind of burned-out by university life and the rhythm of a big city, so the prospect of spending 4 months in far-away Denmark learning the craft of illustration felt like god-sent.

My expectations were high, but the actual experience was even better. Of the many things I enjoyed I want to highlight: the coziness of the shed where we had class, the variety of teachers and the fast pace of the course and the creative thrill that comes from dwelling into something you really enjoy -drawing-.

On a professional level, I also consider taking the course a wise move. It helped me develop my style by learning new techniques and being exposed to different mindsets; moreover, it made me seriously contemplate illustration as a -viable- career.

Nowadays I’m working on making that happen from my small workspace at Arsenalet, right next to the school, while enjoying being part of the creative community in Viborg.