Marta Strazicic

Alumni Interview

Multimedia artist and animator

Alumnus from the Houdini & Simulation course 2019

Describe your day-to-day experiences in the learning environment, and how you think the environment contributed to learning simulation craft.

“The class maintains great structure, with morning lessons, on point lunch breaks, while never forcing overtime. Complement that with great people. It was inspiring to learn alongside classmates, some knowing more than me. We stayed in our classrooms longer and longer, having fun, polishing our projects and helping each other out.”

Was there a specific Ah HA! moment (a moment where you really understood a concept after struggling for a time)? Describe it and how you eventually figured it out.

“There were so many Ah HA! moments I can't count them. A big eye opener was when Jerónimo Maggi demonstrated how to compare VEX code to visual programming nodes. Those exercises really helped me understand the visual and technical sides of the process.”

What was the most valuable skill you learned in this course?

“I learned patient, low end problem solving. I was told that the best Houdini users are the ones that take their time. I am fast paced by nature so taking a step back and re-approaching a problem did not come naturally to me but it had great benefits to my work.”

What aspect of your finished product were you most proud of? Describe the feeling.

“I am most proud of knowing all the why's and how's of the product I would have been clueless about if seen a few months before. I’m also proud of the fact that my idea came to life with minimal compromises.”

Are there any aspects of this course that you would like to recommend to a friend?

“I always recommend this course to anyone interested in the more techy side of 3D. Learning from the ground up and being immersed in a stream of intensive learning, while sponging it up was well worth it.”

Would you like to give administrators, instructors, and/or peers any special mention?

“Andrew raised the bar with his teaching and interpersonal skills. We were all in awe that someone as young as Jerónimo was able to rise to the challenge and still have time to help us all out individually. We were also impressed with the responsiveness of the school administration. I have to give a shout out to my peer Jonas. He knew a good amount of Houdini beforehand (meaning he is insanely good at it now) so he really had my back with many struggles I came across while working on the project.”

What are you up to now? What types of projects and disciplines are you engaged in involving simulation and/or graphics?

“I worked on several art oriented VR and short animation projects including my own. Houdini has become my go-to daily program next to game engines. Recently, I was lucky enough to be picked up by an amazing studio called PatchXR. We are developing a VR project that is creating a new form of intersensory art. It is an absolute blast to work with them and utilize all my main areas of interest such as art, Houdini for real-time modeling, rigging and animation.”

Is there anything else that you would like to mention about the Houdini and Simulation course?

“This course made me notice what it is like to be taught in a professional learning environment, and how life-changing that can be, as well as making friends for life.”

See Martas artwork on Vimeo

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