Noa Juel Johansen

24 years old. Danish
Bachelor in Animation: Character Animation 2015-2019

Why did you decide to come study animation in Viborg of all places?

I found out about the school after I graduated 3D College, while I was wondering what to do next. It seemed like a very nice school and really the only option for the type of work I would like to do in the future. So it was a no-brainer.

Was there a defining moment in your life that led you on to the path toward this career choice?

I realized pretty early on that I wanted to work in a creative field when I grew up. Later on I find out that it should be animation. And I think it was actually when I, by chance, saw a programme about Aeon Flux (by Peter Chung) on TV. The animation and the exaggerated character designs was kind of an eye-opener to me. “You can do this with animation?” I thought, as opposed to the usual Disney style, and I was immediately hooked on the idea of becoming an animator. Maybe even a Director!

Are there any experiences from your time at The Animation Workshop that have stood out on a personal or professional level, which you would like to highlight? 

Definitely when our commercial project “Poseidon” for Plastic Change became a viral hit on Facebook. No one in the group ever saw that coming. All the subsequent media coverage, took us by surprise just as much.

You are sitting at your desk, diligently working like on any other given day. Suddenly, you’re sucked into your computer screen and find yourself as a character in your favorite animated universe! Which animation kidnapped you? 

Oban Star Racers