Serena Scipioni

Alumnus from Professional Training Course - Storyboard, Fall 2017

You attended the storyboard course in 2017. Have you used what you learned in the course in your work afterwards?

Totally! I always keep the notebook from the course next to me so that I can always go and search for help and inspiration anytime I need (which, considering that I’m a freelancer with less “human contact” than in a studio, it’s becoming a lifesaver!).

What do you particularly like about storyboarding?

It allows me to express the way I experience reality. I’m often a daydreamer, and with time I realized that for all my life I was basically planning scene and shots in my head of all the things I was fantasizing about. You know when you are stuck in a car for 3 hours while going on vacation as a kid? I clearly remember all the stories I was planning in my head, with vivid shot changes and all! Also, I love rough drawings, I love to see the birth of the creative process; and Storyboarding allows me to experience this.

What are your best memories from the storyboard course?

Definitely the Fridays in which we had to pitch the projects we worked for the two weeks prior! Not only because it’s always rewarding to finally be able to showcase your hard work, but mostly for the after-Party we would throw to celebrate our accomplishments!

As a storyboarder, what would be the project of your dreams?

Tough question! Right now I would love to work on projects that are as different as possible from one another: 2D, 3D, a mix of both, features, advertisement, shorts for games… I want to build up as much experience and visual library as I can! I’m not looking for a particular “dream-job”, my only wish is that I keep learning with every new project that I take in, so that I can grow both as an artist and as a person.