Tristan Gallagher

22 years old. American
Bachelor in Animation: Computer Graphic Arts 2016-2020

Why did you decide to come study CG Arts in Viborg of all places?

Location wasn’t really a factor when choosing schools, I chose based off of student work and who was doing what I wanted to be doing! The school being located in Denmark was a chance for adventure though! 

Was there a defining moment in your life that led you on to the path toward this career choice?

I’ve always liked art and telling stories but didn’t know how best to turn that into a career. I learned about digital art from a friend in middle school, she taught me how to use photoshop and I haven’t stopped since. I honestly think I wouldn’t be here if not for her. 

Are there any experiences from your time at The Animation Workshop that have stood out on a personal or professional level, which you would like to highlight?

I’ve never been in a school with such a strong sense of community and camaraderie. I’ve spent a lot of late nights working and hanging out with people in class, I really enjoy those moments. 

You are sitting at your desk, diligently working like on any other given day. Suddenly, you’re sucked into your computer screen and find yourself as a character in your favorite animated universe! Which animation kidnapped you?