Get the time, space and tools to develop your own project

Animation Sans Frontières

Professional Training course

Are you a junior European animation film or production professional who would like to get the space, time and tools to develop your own project at some of the best animation schools in Europe? Come join the Animation Sans Frontières program!

About Animation Sans Frontières

  • Facts

    Title: ASF – Animation Sans Frontières


    Language: English

    Credits: The course is not accredited with ECTS points

    Duration of the program: 4 modules over the course of 6 months (each module is 2 weeks)

    Next program: Runs every year from October to March

    Application deadline: Every year at the end of May. Please see the ASF webpage for specific information.

    Fee: 1500 EUR 

    More information:

  • Structure and content

    Get the time, space and tools to develop your own project at some of the best animation schools in Europe.

    Together with a group of 15 to 16 young European animation artists, producers, scriptwriters and technical directors, you will spend two weeks at each of the following internationally renowned schools: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany, MOME - Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Hungary, The Animation Workshop in Denmark, and GOBELINS, l’école de l’image in France.

    The program will take you through the entire animation film production process, from concept development to financing and production management to marketing and distribution. Television and feature films, games and interactive media, traditional and cross-platform production processes are all covered at various stages along the way.

    As a new addition to the program, we will organize several special collaborative events designed to meet the challenge of getting to know new technologies in order to use them to tell stories with animation. These events will include a three-day hackathon where teams of artists, technicians, producers, and scriptwriters will create prototypes for Animated Spaces, as well as a two-day game jam.

    What you get

    • 4x2 weeks of lectures and workshops
    • Recognized animation film, games and new media professionals as instructors
    • The chance to develop your own project or company in multidisciplinary and international teams
    • Insights into the European animation industry and markets, and an understanding of co-production
    • Travel costs to all four schools will be covered
    • Hotel/hostel nights including breakfasts for two weeks as well as lunches and several dinners during each workshop
    • Art and didactic material (art supplies, various teacher hand-outs and more)
    • Course certificate signed by each of the four schools
    • OPTIONAL: Travel costs and fees for the participants representing ASF at the FMX conference and Cartoon Movie

    Get an overview of the workshop contents

  • How to apply

    Animation Sans Frontières is open to junior European animation professionals: animation artists and writers, producers, and technical directors.

    To apply for the ASF program, please use the online application form found at the dedicated ASF website.

    The application deadline is normally end of May. Please visit the ASF website for the precise date.

    You are asked to provide a CV, a motivational letter, and samples of personal projects that you would like to further develop during the workshop.

    In addition to this:

    • Animation artists and writers are required to send in a portfolio
    • Technical directors/programmers should include links to previous works/projects in their application
    • Producers should write a motivational letter with a special focus on their view of the animation industry.

    All applications are reviewed, and the final group of 15 to 16 participants will be selected in June.

  • Information for non-EU applicants

    The ASF program is supported by the Creative Europe/MEDIA program of the EU. This means that the course is primarily offered to EU-citizens. We are allowed to accept up to 30% participants from non-EU countries.
  • Fees, finances and housing

    The fee for the course is 1500 EUR.
    The ASF program includes housing during the four modules. Participants will be housed in hotels/hostels close to the four schools.
  • Contact

    Enara Zabaleta

    Enara Zabaleta

    Project coordinator/administrator, Talent and Skills

    T: +45 87 55 49 21