A yearly conference exploring creativity and visual teaching methods

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Animated Learning Conference

Animated Learning

The yearly Animated Learning Conference is a forum for knowledge sharing, networking and community between teachers, pedagogues and professionals wishing to explore and develop new didactic designs based on visual teaching methods.

Animated Learning Conference

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    How can we make use of new didactic designs to help support better learning?

    Children and youth of today are communicating in multimodal ways.

    They continuously mix text, images and sound in their daily communication with each other, and this reflects on their personal learning strategies. Teachers and pedagogues wish to explore, get a deeper understanding, and make use of this fact in new didactic designs. This requires a special kind of knowledge and set of competencies, which we wish to nurture and strengthen through a knowledge based community.

    The conference offers a good mix of hands-on workshops, networking and dedicated and passionate speakers from across the world. Each year we focus on production oriented teaching methods within a specific theme that varies from year to year.

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    Sia Søndergaard

    Sia Søndergaard

    Project Manager

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