The Corona focus initiative is made to support authorities, organizations, citizens and civil society during the pandemic.

Corona Resilience

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In the focus initiative, the center will work with relevant visual information, dissemination and communication to help to get Denmark safely through the crisis.

Corona Resilience

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    The Corona focus initiative is made to support authorities, organizations, citizens and civil society during the pandemic.

    The Centre provides its competences and methods for actions that promote understanding of the threat posed by COVID 19 and the actions that society must take to protect citizens during a pandemic. This happens through a range of activities, both rapidly and acutely improvised and in planned partnerships with companies, authorities, organizations and institutions. 

    Project start date: 1 March 2020
    Project end date: Present (still running)

  • Corona Kids Project

    Corona Kids

    Project Mission: A little piece of art that illustrates how children and young people can perceive the corona if they are not part of an informed dialogue about the pandemic.

    Artists: Christopher Sarow & Morten Thorning

  • Corona Go Home Project

    Corona Go Home

    Project Mission: The Department of Public Health highlighted a range of perspectives on mental health by involving young people in a new and active way in research. The young people were invited into the research process as "co-researchers" and "co-creators" of the knowledge relevant to their lives. The idea is that this way of working will lead to stronger results that give more value and meaning to the target audience in the end.

    Project webpage

    Peter Meldgaard
    Cecilia Valdez
    Johanna Aresvik
    Marta Giuliani
    Mathilde Landi
    Ymir Arnason

    Partners: The project "Data about you and the others" is supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and is carried out in collaboration between the Academy of Talented Young People| Midt, Department of Public Health (Aarhus University), Research Unit for General Practice, ScienceAtHome (Aarhus University), Science Museums at Aarhus University and The Animation Workshop/VIA University College.

  • CORONAPP Project


    Project Mission: The center has entered the project CORONAPP, a project and bottom-up initiative of a number of researchers and entrepreneurs who want to engage the public in the development of data and knowledge on how to limit the harmful effects of Corona virus and future pandemics.

    Project Webpage

    Partners: The project is a collaboration with Aarhus University, Department of Public Health, Committee for Health Education, Center for Digital Education and Design, Department of Future Research, Rigshospitalet, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Southern Denmark, Center for Digital Creativity, Kite Invent, Institute of Technology, Aalborg University, University of Bergen.

  • Call to Corona Project

    Call to Corona

    Project Mission: With the project Call-To-Corona, the center collects illustrations, animation films and visual productions from students and alumni from animation, computer graphics and graphic storytelling courses as well as local creative companies. Participants voluntarily produce illustrations, snapshots and sketches based on their own experiences, feelings, situations and observations during the Corona crisis. The aim is to create situational images and graphic expressions about life with Corona close to the body, which responds to the crisis and to evidence of posterity.

    Project illustrations 

    Partners: The project cooperates with Viborg Animation Strategy and the UNESCO National Commission in Denmark.

    Corona Bizzness Bringing Me Down

    Corona Resilience - Call to Corona Artist: Christyan Lundblad
    Artist note: Jeg tegnede den fordi hver dag er den samme. Man vågner, ser tv, tegner lidt, spiser, ser tv og går i seng selvom man ikke er træt.

    No More TV

    Corona Resilience - Call to Corona Artist: Christyan Lundblad
    Artist note: Den handler om at man hænger foran fjernsynet og gider egentlig ikke mere men hva' fa'n skal man ellers lave?”


    Corona Resilience - Call to Corona Artist: Silvia Tilde Godsk Tirone (180672)
    Artist note: I would say I thought most of the concept that we need to be distant but still help each other in need. Even if it means putting in some extra effort into hygiene and protecting yourself and others, you should still support each other with as much as you can. It's the small things that counts!


    Corona Resilience - Call to Corona Artist: Silvia Tilde Godsk Tirone (180672)
    Artist Note: I think being able to get through the rough times with something fun and colourful helps. To scare the bad away.

    Take Care

    Corona Resilience - Call to Corona Artist: Iván Tortajada (299406)
    Artist Note: I wanted to show, how even if we are tired of this situation, we have to keep taking care of ourselves and other people. I have represented this with an illustration that hold two interpretations; a doctor listening to her own heartbeat reflected in her shadow - or she is taking care of other people despite the fact that she is not able to touch or see them.

    Sunny day, working at home!

    Corona Resilience - Call to Corona Artist name: Bernardo Bordeira, Carla Louro,
    Artist note: The image mimics our current situation as individuals and as a company. Since the government advised the population to work from home as much as possible, we decided to do just that. Fortunately, we have had such great weather in these dark times. The sunnier days helps us to start the day with more energy and stimulates a positive mood. Though it's also extra tricky, in one hand, we want to enjoy the sun outside with or without friends. Still, on the other hand, the current situation forces us to be socially responsible, meaning, to be as much as possible indoors and practice social distancing.

    Small World

    Corona Resilience - Call to Corona Artist Name: Mia Golubovic Svensson <>
    Artist Note: This illustration depicts some of the events during Covid-19 crisis in the world. There was a lot of important coverage which had to take the backseat when covid was and is taking all the spotlight. There has been a lot of attempts to adjust our laws in the name of "protecting citizens" meanwhile these efforts has in some places weakened the progress of Democracy.
  • Lockdown in Denmark Project

    Lockdown in Denmark

    Project Mission: The centre is a part of the project Lockdown in DK – a new national film project where children tell Danish story about the corona crisis seen from their own perspective. The aim is to collect films and animations and produce a major documentary about life during the corona crisis from the perspective of children and young people. The documentary will premiere during the BUSTER Film Festival in Copenhagen in September 2020, will be part of the Viborg Animation Festival 2020 and will subsequently become part of the National Museum's collection.

    Project Webpage 

    Partners: BUSTER Film Festival is behind the project in collaboration with Animok Animation Festival (VAF), as well as the National Museum, Danmarks Radio, FilmFyn, Edit-24 and others

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    Jakob Borrits Sabra

    Jakob Borrits Sabra

    Project manager

    T: +45 87 55 4991