South Korean pop culture is taking over the world - but how do they do it?

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From Psy to Parasite, South Korean creatives are bringing their unique sensibilities and world class craft to the masses. In the 2019 VAF Masterclasses, four top artists working in the fields of comics and illustration shared their methods and approaches with upcoming Danish creatives, from lessons on anatomy to telling stories vertically.

VAF Masterclasses

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    South Korean pop culture is taking over the world - but how do they do it?

    For the 2019 VAF Masterclasses, four very different South Korean creatives led five workshops with an aim to provide young Danish creatives with insight into the craft and art of Korean comics and illustration. International superstar artist Kim Jung Gi taught two workshops on drawing figures and vehicles in perspective, and Korean anatomy guru Stonehouse gave a comprehensive presentation on human anatomy and using it even in very stylized representations on humans.

    Moving from drawing craft to sequential storytelling, cartoonist Rigun Yi conducted a workshop on Webtoons-style comics – a form pioneered in South Korea in which comics are formatted vertically for optimal smart phone reading. And Korean/Belgian auteur Jung led the students in exploring autobio stories in the style of his own “Approved for Adoption” about growing up in Belgium as a Korean adoptee. All four workshops combined lectures and demos with assignments or visual notetaking from the attendees, which were a mix of students from The Animation Workshop and other aspiring professionals.

    Total number of masterclass attendees: approx 800

    Project start date: 20 September 2019
    Project end date: 26 September 2019
  • Project participants

    Rigun Yi



    Kim Jung Gi

    International superstar artist

    Jung; students from Graphic Storytelling, Character Animation, CG Arts, and the Drawing Academy; various upcoming Danish creatives

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    Erik Barkman is the 1st and 2nd year coordinator at Graphic Storytelling

    Erik Barkman

    Educational Coordinator, 1st and 2nd year Graphic Storytelling

    T: +45 87 55 49 82


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