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15 animation professionals from five Andean countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela) joined the incubator program to create story universes for animated TV- series. The overall goal of the program is to provide a platform for local animation talent to reach global resonance.


  • About

    Andimation is an incubator program where participants create Andean story universes for animated TV-series that can resonate across territories.

    Andimation is a program that focuses on the development of animation projects and productions and is centered on cross-territorial, artistic collaboration between the countries of the Andean Region: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela – and Denmark.

    Andimation is the beginning of a broad movement for the animation sector in the Andean Region countries. By combining their strengths and creating story universes, the participants will communicate about common references and create new ones while revealing local identities and values, aiming to facilitate understanding between the people of the Andean region and beyond. This will no doubt encourage more cooperation and co-production in the region but also encourage local creative voices to pursue ambitious international projects.

    In 2017, a full TV series concept was developed, speaks and project pitches were given at major festivals, and partnerships between the European and Andean animation industries were strengthened.

    The dedicated people behind Andimation are currently touring festivals to share their experiences and present the program’s results together with the next generation of Andean talents.

  • Projects

    Andimation Oniria project



    When teenagers fall asleep, they go to Oniria, the land of dreams, where they become avatars that represent their current state of mind.

    Andimation Quilla project



    Quilla, a 13 year old girl, discovers her true soul as a shaman and seek to heal the relation between human beings and nature.

    Timbatu Andimation project



    Three mixed-animal friends help their neighbor solve day to day challenges in unique and funny ways.

    Ugamú directed by Fabian Aldaz



    Ugamú, My Imaginary Enemy is a show that zooms in on the zany relationship between Ugamú, a bitter, old imaginary friend, and Oscar, the childish teenager who won’t let him go.

  • Partners

    Andimation partners and sponsors:
    Andimation is a program designed by The Animation Workshop/VIA University College, supported by UNESCO - International Fund for the Promotion of Culture, the Simón I. Patiño Foundation of Geneva (Bolivia), the Danish Embassy in La Paz (Bolivia) and by TIFA - the 1st International Animation Training Workshop in the Andean Region (Venezuela).

    UNESCO-International Fund for the Promotion of Culture


    IFPC was established in November 1974 at the 18th session of the General Conference in order to give ‘greater prominence to culture in the development of individuals and societies and of strengthening international cultural cooperation’.

    Simón I. Patiño Foundation of Geneva


    The Foundation was created in 1931 an operates from 15 centres of excellence in Bolivia and Geneva. It focuses on people’s lives within Bolivia and covers: education, culture, research, health, nutrition, agriculture and ecology.

    Danish Embassy in La Paz


    The Danish embassy is a bilateral mission in La Paz and promotes Danish interests in Bolivia. The embassy also plays an important role in development, cultural issues and contacts with the local press.



    TIFA is a training and advisory space for projects in the field of high quality animated content for children and young people (TV, Film and Transmedia). TIFA seeks to promote the Latin American-Andean cultural imagination and identity.

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    Denis Chapon

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Ugamú directed by Fabian Aldaz

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Ugamu wins Andean Call

Ugamú wins Andean Call

The winners of the Animation du Monde pitch session at Annecy International Animation Festival 2018 have been chosen.