An innovative and transnational project bringing together Danish and Japanese artists and designers

Applications for 2018 open on March 1!

NipponNordic Universe Accelerator

Internationalization & System Export / IP-development / Talent Development

NipponNordic Universe Accelerator is an innovative and transnational project that hopes to bring visionary and entrepreneurial artists and concept designers from Japan and Scandinavia together.

NipponNordic Universe Accelerator

  • About

    What can create better understanding between people than working together with the ambition to identify and realize yet unknown visions?

    NipponNordic Universe Accelerator is a four week intensive skill-up creative lab, during which sixteen participants - directors, game designers, fresh graduated students - selected across Japan and Scandinavia, develop graphic and story worlds, either related to video or mobile game, animation TV- or web-series, documentary, VR, AR and transmedia content.

    Experts from the graphic industries are expected to follow-up the development of the participants’ projects, helping them to identify their audiences, enhance their commercial potential and highlight the strengths of their IPs. Inaugural workshops and conferences will launch the one-month program, offering strong bases to the participants, leading them to an efficient project development. The overall program aims to spark and ensure the continuous development of original, high quality animation / cross-media or game content, which can resonate both artistically and commercially in the markets of Denmark, Japan and hopefully beyond.

    NipponNordic is running for the second year to insure the continuity of lasting relationships between the two territories, to address the complementarity of those markets, and highlight partnerships and co-productions as viable alternatives to the subcontracting practices, which are a challenge for the creative industry in the era of globalization.


    2017: September 11-29

    2018: September 3-30

  • Partners

    NipponNordic Universe Accelerator partners and sponsors.
    Viborg Kommune

    Viborg Kommune


    Viborg municipality is a municipality (Danish, kommune) in Region Midtjylland on the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark. The municipality covers an area of 1,421.04 km², the second largest in Denmark, and has a population of 94,622 (1 April 2014). Viborg is the capital of Region Midtjylland.

    Region Midtjylland


    Region Midtjylland is one of five administrative units in Denmark, and the home region of The Animation Workshop. The region ensures and coordinates regional development in areas such as nature, environment, business and tourism.

    Arsenalet Game Incubation


    Arsenalet Game Incubation is a newly established incubation project operated by The Animation Workshop.


    The Association of Japanese Animations


    AJA's is the business organization of small to medium sized companies in the Japanese animation industry. AJA serves to provide statistics of industry, improvements of production environment, talents and oversea operations and developing new areas of business for the benefit of Japanese companies.

    Office H


    An acknowledged and well connected marketing/distribution office and service provider founded in 1999 by Hiromi Ito.

    Invest in Denmark


    As part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Invest in Denmark is a customized one-stop service for foreign companies looking to set up a business in Denmark.

    Nordisk Film Foundation


    The mission of the Nordisk Film Foundation is to encourage initiatives that develop and shed light on talents of international standing.

    EU Japan Fest Committee


    EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee is a non-profit non-governmental organization established by European ambassadors to Japan and Japanese business and cultural figures on the occasion of the 1993 request to assist with Japanese participation in the European Capital of Culture Antwerp, in Belgium.

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    Clemence Bragard

    Clémence Bragard

    Project Manager