Talent Blossom is a classical drawing workshop that seeks to build bonds between Japanese and Danish artists as well as share the best practice and teaching methods

Talent Blossom

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Talent Blossom invites developing artists to train their skills and build an international network while on retreat in the beautiful and calming area of Otsuki province in Japan.

Talent Blossom

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    Proposed as a five-day introduction to classical approaches to drawing, Talent Blossom focuses mainly on understanding how to draw the human body, depict mass and volume, denote gesture, and portray proportions while at the same time applying this approach for drawing landscapes, cityscapes and improving drawing from the imagination. In addition to the drawing courses, a number of other activities are organized, such as screenings of the best TAW films from this and years past, a variety of presentations, yoga classes, cooking, team building and social engagements, etc.

    There is an immerging artistic research from the process at work in Talent Blossom, with the aim to create frameworks for more effective capture of the learning and potential strategies in executing international artistic training workshops. A number of quantitative and qualitative research methods are applied to better understand differences in two countries with regards to teaching and learning arts
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    Animanoiroha has been organizing animation workshops for schools and environmental events, artistic residencies, and international drawing camps in Otsuki Town, Kochi Prefecture, Japan in collaboration with The Animation Workshop since 2016.

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    Roberta Jablonskyte

    Roberta Jablonskyte

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