Conferences, workshops and master classes for animation professionals in the Andean region

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TIFA Andina

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TIFA is a yearly encounter of conferences, workshops or master classes with the purpose of strengthening the creation of animated content and lay the foundation for a strong Andean animation network and content in international markets.

TIFA Andina

  • About

    TIFA aims to strengthen the Andean animation community.
    TIFA is a yearly encounter of conferences, workshops or master classes for Peruvian and Latin American animation professionals, aiming to strengthen the perception of the Cusco Region as a hub for animation. TIFA is an event that supports the idea of an Andean animation community, allowing the Latin American region to be stronger in IP-development, production, co–production, matchmaking and networking. The content of the early conference is addressing the need for networking, presentation of new projects, matchmaking between companies, projects and talents, introduction of new technologies, and establishing the pan-Latin American feeling of community within the profession of animation.
  • Partners

    TIFA partners and sponsors.

    Partners: Carolina del Valle, Jean Charles L'ami and Carolina Dávila, Miguel Rumanzew

    Sponsored by Inkaterra

    Pedagogical Location at Universidad Nacional Diego Quispe Tito del Cusco and Bellas Artes with the contribution of Andimation (Denmark), Collage Animado and Cinespina (Venezuela), Red, Apus and Tafa(Peru)

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    Aida del Solar

    Aïda del Solar

    Project Coordinator