Creating a line of new story worlds for the graphic novel, each with a different approach.


IP Development / Batch-o-Comix

In the artistic development project Batch-o-Comix, the writer Lawrence Marvit sets out to develop a number of different story worlds, each with a different approach to the question; What should be the reason to tell this story?


  • About

    Creating a line of new story worlds for the graphic novel, each with a different approach.

    Batch-o-Comix is 9 very different story worlds – 7 of them invented by the artist with the intention to be realized as graphic novels, each with a different graphic style, developed to support the mood of the narrative and the intended target group. One of them, Jewels of Light, is presented as a storyboard for a live action film. Each one of the 7 projects emerges from a different starting point, exploring the very reason for why we tell stories and what this ritual mean for humanity. The 2 last projects is done as a test of the business perspectives in establishing an international graphic novel production house doing commissioned work in Viborg.

    Project start date: 1 May 2018
    Project end date: 1 June 2019

  • Story Worlds - Jewels of Light

    Jewels of Light - Development of animated cross platform story. Project is a storyboard for a short live action film, meant as presentation and pitch material for fundraising.

  • Story Worlds - Lansky and the Mathematician

    Lansky and the Mathematician - Comic book narrative developed so it can function as a stage play. Can a story portray a character as a good person if he is the helper of a bad person?

  • Story Worlds - Glitter Girl

    Glitter Girl - Story world developed with a seven year old girl as storyteller. The purpose of the project was to study what happens when the professional artist becomes a tool for a child creating stories. It seems to create a more immediate storytelling, undisturbed by dramaturgical and narrative models for story structure. The story world is heading towards a surprisingly surreal reality, yet still relating to the real world of the seven year old girl.

  • Story World - The Hostess

    The Hostess - In today’s culture we talk a lot about emerging “unconventional“ family structures. But it is, of course, not a new concept. In The Hostess the aim is to explore one historical example, and show that this is not as it uncommon as it may seem.

  • Story World - Revolters

    Revolters - Is it possible to do a political comedy graphic novel, were both sides are consistently right and consistently wrong at the same time?

  • Story World - Myths from the Underground

    Myths from the Underground - Is it possible to tell a story where you interweave different telling of the same event over different time periods? All the while overlapping each of these individual stories. In Myths from the Underground I am attempting to use nonlinear narrative, but still maintain attachment to character.

  • Story World - What it could be

    What it could be - Creation of a story concept and story world for a children book series that can function as small 7 minutes animation films. The Premise: To encourage kids to look at normal mundane objects in the real world and see them in different ways. Project is a meant to be inspiration for a writing group coming together to continue idea development.

  • Story World - Aqua Man

    Aqua Man - Testing for DC

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    Lawrence Marvit

    Lawrence Marvit

    Project manager

    T: +45 23 69 06 61